JC Travels: Top Tips for Flying Solo

May 22, 2016

Top tips for flying solo. Heading on a trip alone- Some tips to help get you through!

I’ve seen a heap of people lately who have mentioned they were feeling pretty anxious about travelling solo, and specifically doing long haul flights solo. So I figured it was time to try and share some experience and hopefully make it a little easier.

I’ve done a whole lot of solo flying, after we lived in the States, I always want to fly via the States when we came back to visit the UK. Whereas the rest of the fam usually wanted to visit somewhere new in Asia. So, the easiest thing to do was split and fly opposite ways around the globe to then meet at the UK. When I moved to the UK I also came by myself and when I went back to Aus a couple years ago.

There are just a few things which you need to keep in mind which will help sorting you out as you go and take a big solo journey!

Get planning

The main thing which makes people anxious about solo flying is the unknown. The best thing to do is to get planning, make sure if you are doing long haul with change overs that you have enough time in each destination. If you google airport transfers then you can usually find some reviews on how long an average change will take, along with any information with how to get from the airport when you arrive.

When you leave, try and buy a travel organiser, these are a total lifesaver for me as they will hold all the important documents including printed instructions of where I need to be and how to get there. If you are going somewhere which doesn’t speak English then think about bringing a small common phrases card. Make sure you have some way of contacting home, investigate that phone plan!

Take your time

Yeah, you may have more time sitting around but I’d much rather have time relaxing in the right place than be the person running down the hall to make a flight (and I have been that person many times!!). Build in more time to your plan, I always check in really early but then I have time to eat, get myself sorted, find my gate and buy everything I need to take on board. Make sure you build in time to any layovers as well, and try and arrive in your location during the day!

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Take a backpack and sort your hand luggage

The one thing I always hate when flying solo is the constant battle of having to take all your stuff with you everywhere. You can’t just dump your bags then run to the loo or to pick up a bottle of water, every time you need to pack it all up then trek across. I’d always recommend going for a backpack over any kind of shoulder or satchel as then you will have both hands free whenever needed.

Also, try not to overpack! Having to try and stuff a heap of things into a backpack every time you take anything out is a right pain. Pack light as you will appreciate not having to carry a giant pack on your back. Something I’d always recommend packing if you suffer from anxiety when you fly, is some cbd in whichever form you prefer. Due to the liquid restrictions, it might be best to choose some cbd cartridges that you can use in a vaping pen, and vape at regular intervals before you board to keep your worrying under control.

Take care of yourself!

I wrote a post all about tips on fear of flying which covers a few of these areas but taking care of yourself is definitely a key part of this. There is nothing worse than flying solo around the world then getting ill on the way (which has happened to me too!). Make sure you get a seat which works for you – always an aisle in my opinion. Drink a heap of water and eat lightly through the flight. If you get really nervous before flying, a CBD product from somewhere like Sabaidee CBD may benefit you by calming your nerves and anxiety. If you do want to nap when on a layover make sure you are attached to your bag and that you set an alarm!

Ask for help

I feel as though sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, but if I’m ever anxious about something – I will always find someone to ask to just be sure. Flight attendants are always so helpful, especially if you ask something about a layover or the status of another flight, they will look out for you and make sure you know if anything changes. Even if it’s some help when you get on or who else you should ask – always better to ask and be safe than sorry!
So there we have it, I don’t think having to fly solo should ever put you off going on an awesome holiday. It may be the more painful bit of the trip but you can definitely get through it and make it out the other end on a fantastic trip!

Do you have any tips for flying solo?

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