JC Wears: What to Wear to Work in the Summer

May 25, 2016

The thing with being a consultant, is that, it’s kinda really hard to get a work uniform down. Sometimes I wish I could get in touch with one of those workwear companies and get myself a proper uniform for work. Every new project and client I go on will have its own culture and its own dress code. Nevermind throwing in the days where I’m in my own companies office, combined with a few work from home days. My wardrobe just never seems to make sense, I never seem to have enough of the right things to wear.

I’ve recently joined a new project (as mentioned!) and as they are a different industry (I was previously in manufacturing), they most definitely have much more of a formal dress code. It’s pretty common for the guys to be wearing suit jackets and ties. This has totally thrown me after much more informal places over the past couple of years. Plus, throw into that, it’s almost summer and I reeeeally don’t like wearing black.


So when House of Fraser got in touch to try one of their dresses, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to pick something up that fitted the bill – something which was formal enough to wear to work, whilst also being summery and most definitely not black.

I eventually stumbled across this floral number which I tooootally love. It is a really good length, cutting in around the knees, while the wrapping kind of detail around the waist cinches in. Plus, it’s the right kind of shape which I prefer to wear to work – nothing revealing or too tight. I think florals work so well in every season really and it’s just the right shade to not make it too garish.


I went for the shocking bare leg and paired it with nude heels. We ended up taking these snaps on the balcony and unfortunately the camera wasn’t cooperating to fit the shoes in so you can just imagine those. I think a light blazer or cardigan on top of this if needed would work well too. Plus, if you don’t wear formal to work then I think this would be ideal for any summer weddings or dinner parties!

For round two, I picked out this number from Dorothy Perkins. I bought it a little while ago but am totally in love with it. It’s usually a cut which I would never even try on, but after giving it a go, I’ve been desperate to find another in a similar cut. I always worry a more draping cut will make me look bigger but I think if it falls in the right way it does more to accentuate the figure rather than take away from it.


I really like the print, it is floral without being in your face, and green isn’t a colour which I own enough of, so I was glad to add to the collection. I have worn this in winter too, with some thick tights and a nice warm black cardigan on top. Here, I’ve gone for the bare legs and a little shrug on top would be perfect.

Now I’m throwing in a little bit of a curve ball. I recently went for a bit of a shop for the first time in aaaages. I’ve been meaning to try on some trousers for awhile but never found ones I like. Well, I popped into Zara and managed to find my ultimate pair! I’ve never found a pair which fits me so well, not only around the waist but also down the legs. I like the folded crease in them to make them formal for work (though I will now have to start cracking the iron out more!).

Photo 14-05-2016, 12 23 14

I paired with this peplum top of which I love the print – blue and white is my total favourite at the moment, always reminds me of being on hot holidays somewhere in Europe! I actually have a few tops in the wardrobe which I barely ever wear as I don’t have anything good to pair them with, so I’m excited to pull them out of the wardrobe this summer. I also bought that little white number in the background, one for future posts!

Now tell me, what do you normally wear to work? Is it more formal or casual? What do you think of trousers? I feel like I’ve opened up a whole new world of workwear!

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