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June 27, 2016

Photo 17-06-2016, 19 20 41Right I’ve been thinking about the Happiness Link Up. I totally love it but I think that I need to be a bit more on schedule with it, so mark it in your diaries, the link up will be every second Monday. So today 27th of June, the next will be 11th of July, then 25th of July and so on! Hopefully this will make it a little easier for you to plan if you want to join in and I would really love it if you did! You can also tag your posts on twitter or social media with the hashtag #happinesslinkup. As always, do drop me an email if you would like to cohost.

I feel like there has just been so much bad stuff in the world in the past few weeks, culminating in the EU referendum result. I think it’s safe to say I’ve never been so upset at a result, or so ashamed to be British. I feel like there is a lot of uncertainty ahead, none of which I wanted. But when surrounded by dark times, I need to make even more of an effort to try and think of the happy things in life.

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1 #PicnicwithMercure – Last Friday I took a stroll into London to Somerset House for an event with Mercure at Somerset House. They were celebrating their new brand of prosecco which is only available at their hotels with a traditional British picnic! And of course, couldn’t be a picnic without a spot of rain right? It totally poured when I turned up, but soon the sun shone and we grabbed our prosecco and picnic baskets and sat out in the yard and watched some awesome live music. There was a bunch of awesome bloggers there and it was so lovely to catch up with them too!

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2 Snapchat – I’m still really loving snapchat, it’s been awesome to snap the blog events I’ve been going to and I finally feel like I can have a yap away to the camera without feeling totally silly. I know I’m never going to have enough time in life to start making videos but it’s a nice way to do a little daily vlog! You can follow me over there at jasxcharlotte.

3 Jamie Olivers Berry French Toast – Before Ascot I went over to my sisters for an early morning breakfast, Callum made Jamie Olivers Berry pocket french toast and it was SO good! I’m trying really hard to be healthy at the moment and loose a bit of weight, and this was so delicious and is good for you too. I can’t wait to try and make it myself.

Photo 18-06-2016, 09 53 40

4 Finally figuring my camera out – So I recently went on a photography course, and I had such a good time and felt like I learnt loads. But then, well I just didn’t take my camera anywhere! When I was reviewing Mr Foggs I knew that this was my time, as my main aim of the course was to learn to take photos of food in low light! I was so glad I took it as the photos on the iphone were totally rubbish but I loved the ones on the DSLR. Now I just need to take it out with me more often!

5 Orange is the New Black. Oh yeah, it’s back and this is such a good season, the past couple haven’t been my total faves but I’ve been hooked ever since this season started. I finally finished it last night and wept my little heart out. SO GOOD.

6 Running water. As a result of the heavy rain last week, our underground basement flooded. Our gutters were blocked, so they couldn’t cope with the volume of rain that we had. If I’d have known we were going to have such heavy rain I would have contacted Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Cary to clean our gutters out, but it came from nowhere. I’m definitely going to get the gutters cleaned regularly in future so this doesn’t happen again. They were so blocked that they overflowed and this spilt out and ran into the basement. This then resulted in the car flooding, the pump breaking and no water for 2 days to the flat. The car itself definitely needs some work and a good clean after being under 2 feet of water. It’s an old car so I’ve been considering buying a new one but I don’t have the money for one at the minute. I was just worried about it breaking down on me, or even worse causing a car accident as I’ve lost control due to it being old and relatively faulty. I can’t even begin to think how guilty that would make me, knowing that I caused someone to have an injury from an accident that was my fault. I’ve seen how bad some of these injuries can be and I’ve heard that some people receive a large amount of compensation to help them cover their medical bills, as well as other things. It is definitely time for me to buy a new car. The sooner the better. I think the flooding has well and truly finished it off so I’ve started saving up for a new car. I absolutely love looking at used cars so searching for a new car is actually quite a fun task for me! Hopefully, I can find a new car soon! I’ve never been so happy to have running water and be able to like, shower and use the toilet. Don’t take even these tiny things for granted people!

7 Penguin Biscuits. Again, I am trying to be healthy but you need to have a treat in life. I think Penguins are the best as individual packets mean that I won’t scoff them all at once. Plus they are delicious. And remind me of tim tams which I miss.

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8 Calligraphy. I have a whole post coming up next week but I went to the Viking Arty Party on Saturday which was really fun, and I got to take away a bit of a calligraphy set which I’m really excited to try and (hopefully) get better at.

9 Lazy Sundays. I have a reeeeeally busy couple of weeks coming up, criss crossing the country and heading to Munich so I’m having a lazyish one today – work out is done, blogging is almost sorted and a big lunch is going to happen.

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What has made you happy this week?

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