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June 15, 2016

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It feels like it’s been ageeees, since I’ve sat down to have a bit of a chat, and mainly because, it has been! I scheduled a lot of the posts when I’ve been away then I’ve started on my holiday posts. I’ve actually decided to start blogging a little less, all the reasons to be yapped about in another post, but I think I’ll be dropping to 2 a week going forward. There will probably be the odd week of 3 but I’m feeling the need to get some time back in my life!

Safe to say, I’ve had an amazing holiday in Croatia and Slovenia, and have now been crashed back to earth at work for the last week. Perfect time to think of some happy things which have been happening! Be sure to link up in the happiness link up at the end of the post, and as always, if you’d like to cohost then drop me an email or tweet.

1 Weekend trip to Bristol. Of course, can I stay in one place for more than 2 days at the moment? No way! So we popped across to Bristol to see Pauls family. I always love heading that way as it’s so beautiful and chilled down by the harbour, plus it was awesome to see the fam and have a giant BBQ!

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2 Whose Line. I went to see Whose Line is it Anyway Live last year and when I saw it was back, there was no way I could miss it! Honestly, nothing makes me laugh so much so me and the sis headed into London to see it on Sunday and it was SO good. Just non stop laughs and the fact it’s all on the spot makes it all the better. I need to see more comedy.

3 All of the good food. Honestly, so much awesome food both on holiday and when we got back. I am trying to eat much more healthily now I’m off holiday but that still means the odd treat. We had some burgers and curly fries to celebrate our last day of holidays!

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4 Blog Events. On Monday I went with Erica to the launch of a new afternoon tea and cocktails at Royal Albert Hall and had the best evening! I’ve been meaning to go to more blog events for ages and it finally seems to be happening. I’ve not been to Royal Albert Hall before so I was happy to tick that off plus then giving me tea based cocktails and food is just a recipe for success. Look out for a post on that later in the week!

5 Wedding Plans. We are making good progress on my sisters wedding plans – after some lovely engagement drinks I’ve pretty much finished the wedding website!

6 New Podcasts. I’m going to write another post on some new podcasts for summer, but I’ve been listening to a whole heap of goodies recently, especially More Perfect by Radiolab which is about the justice system and the Supreme court in the US. Plus, Answer Me This is back for another season, and My Dad Wrote a Porno is coming back for a second season on Belinda Blinks in July. All the good listening, and if that last one has caught your attention, you might as well go over to a site like tubev.sex and get all the good viewing too.

7 Study. Although study isn’t always fun, I have my final exam for my BA diploma on Thursday so I’ve been doing a lot of study recently. I feel like I’m making good progress though, so everyone keep their fingers crossed that it all comes out okay on Thursday – it’s an oral exam so involves being grilled by 2 examiners. Eek!

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8 Brunch. Linking to the snap at the top, I went out for lovely brunch on Sunday, devouring salmon and avocado on eggs at Brickwood London. Oh. So. Good. I have also pondered for ages about poached eggs as sometimes I like them and sometimes I really don’t, but really I just don’t like runny yolks! Which I know is sacrilege for a lot of people, but a hard boiled egg is probably my fave kind of egg!

9 Munich. Although I knowwww I’ve just come back off hols, I’ve just confirmed the hotel for out little weekend away to Munich in 3 weeks. Again, problems keeping my feet in the same country. Pleeeease throw your Munich recommendations my way – I need ’em!

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