JC Eats: Indulging Sunday Roast at Mr Foggs Tavern

June 23, 2016

IMG_2861London is full of hidden gems, throughout all the winding streets in the city are places waiting to be discovered. Now this is a special post as I totally found one of those and somewhere I can’t wait to visit again. But also because, I finally took my DSLR camera, used in on manual and took some semi decent shots! After going on a photography course a couple of months ago, I really wanted to learn how to get some good shots in low light. And I’m totally happy I did as the iPhone photos were totally rubbish.

Anyway, Mr Foggs Tavern invited us down to come and try out their delish menu. As I’m not in London a whole lot at the moment, we decided to hit it up on the weekend. So we booked in for a Sunday and headed down to try out their Sunday Roast menu!

Now, Mr Foggs Tavern is literally round the corner from Trafalgar Square so I should have found it sooner. With a bit of bunting outside, inside is the real gem. It is a hodgepodge of British flags thrown in with some taxidermy, dried flowers and a heap of British knick knacks. Along with some very old timey music, you almost feel like you’ve been thrown into another world as you walk in. It’s actually based on Mr Fogg of ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ fame, in that it is his hidey hole to pop in his amazing finds. I could already tell it was going to be awesome.


Of course, as it was after 12, it meant that we had to have a drink to go alongside it right? I wanted to try one of their cocktails, they have an awesome cocktail list – heavy on the gin just as I like it! I went for the Gertrude’s Gin Giddy, which combined gin with lemon, mint and topped up with cider. Deliciously refreshing with just the right amount of kick. They have a load of beers on draft too which Paul sprang for.

As we knew we wanted to have a big roast, we shared a little nibble starter to keep us going. We went for the smokey sausages which were soo good. Not only smoked sausage but then covered in a sweet BBQ sauce and with a bowl of gravy next door to dip the little pieces in. It was so more-ish, I think we could’ve got through a load more than that bowl!



For mains, we were ready for a roast! It has been an age since I had a roast and I don’t often get them when we go out but this time I was ready and waiting. I sprung for the baby chicken and Paul went for the roast beef. Alongside the meat it came with crispy roast potatoes, a giant springy Yorkshire pudding, roast turnips and parsnips, greens and a little pot of gravy. The roast itself was great – the gravy full of flavour, it had mustard in it which I loved as it gave it that extra little kick. Plus the yorkshires were definitely the best – always my fave part of a Roast. They have a heap of pies and mash on their lunch menu during the week which I totally want to come back and try – especially if they are full of the same gravy!

We couldn’t leave without having a little bit of dessert now right?! And the two on the menu happened to be 2 of my favourite things – Victoria sponge and Eton mess. Can’t beat some British dessert really. Both were total class, the sponge nice and crispy on the outside filled with tart jam and a whole lot of cream on the side. The Eton mess was amazing, the meringue crispy and just the right amount of chewy on the inside. We shared both and they definitely went down well. Alongside we had a couple of aperitifs – a little dram of sherry and port which washed it down perfectly.


Alongside the food, the staff were also a real laugh, attentive and full of good suggestions for what you should go for. Even when we left and the place was packed, they were still always engaged and ready to help.

Overall, we had such a fabulous time at Mr Foggs Tavern, I loved the atmosphere more than anything. It’s somewhere I definitely want to take people, especially if they are visiting from overseas – the perfect place to introduce them to some good British fare! They also have Mr Foggs Residence in Mayfair which I’m keen to visit to try out their afternoon tea offering!

Tell me, whats in your perfect roast?

*We were kindly invited to come and review Mr Foggs but all opinions my own, as always! 



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