JC Listens: Top 7 Podcasts to Listen to while Walking

June 20, 2016

Top 7 Podcasts to listen to while walking - stories to keep you interested - Jasmin Charlotte

This may seem like a bit of an odd topic, but for me, one of the best times to get my listening on, is when I’m out for a walk. I love nothing more than going for a nice stroll after work and listening to a heap of podcasts as I wander. It gets me out of the house plus it means I actually focus on the podcast rather than get distracted with work or the internet!

These are all podcasts which centre around stories, I love the kind of podcasts which are more chatty, but those are more for when I’m doing something. When I’m walking, I want nothing more than to be enraptured with an interesting tale, so here we go the top podcasts to listen while walking.

The Untold

I really enjoy this podcast as it’s one of the only ones I’ve found which focuses on real people and their stories, but is based in Britain. It is one of the BBC podcasts but has a very different vibe, where they follow an untold story each week. It varies hugely from the impact of the floods down South on a family, to an elderly woman struggling with her ex with dementia stalking her. They all make the stories really interesting and humanising, it makes you think about all the things which are really affecting the people around you.

More Perfect

This is by the guys over at RadioLab and is SO interesting! It’s focussed on the US justice system, which although isn’t super relevant, is still so fascinating to hear about. There have only been a couple of episodes so far but they are hugely high quality. The first focuses around the death penalty and its history. I find after listening to so many crime podcasts, most of which are set in the States, it’s interesting to see it from the other side and how the system has developed over the years.


Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder

Another newbie into the podcast list, and another British one! This is a 10 part series exploring the Daniel Morgan murder, a murder which took place in South London in the 80s. There have only been 2 episodes so far but it centres around figuring out who was involved in the murder, whilst also tackling police corruption and then I believe it will all link in to the News of the World scandal which took place a few years ago. Enthralling listening and I’m excited to see it evolve as a podcast.

Open for Business

Three newbies in a row, I’ve been doing a lot of podcast surfing this month. This is actually a sponsored podcast run between eBay and Gimlet, but I am a Gimlet lover so decided to give it a go. It focuses on all the bits and pieces you need to do to get up and running in your business, but is packed full of interesting stories and interviews. One I’m looking forward to trying more episodes of.


48 Hours

You know those American shows like 20/20 which are super over the top crime shows which just dig into a story and leave you a bit on tenterhooks then throw out the decision? This is one of those but in audio form. I quite like it, as opposed to a heap of other crime podcasts, this focuses on stories which have already been through court and have the final resolution. This means they are super satisfying to listen to as you get the whole story all in one hourly chunk.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

I had to include this as it is back for season 2! If you don’t remember it from last year then it is hilarious in that each episode is a team of 3 reading the porno book ‘Belinda Blinked’ which was written by his dad. It is SO funny, honestly the book itself is just a joke then their commentary just pulls it all together. They are the perfect length to wander round the park to whilst having a bit of a giggle!


Reply All

Another Gimlet offering and one that I wasn’t a huge fan of for awhile but have recently really got into! The podcast centres around the internet but it’s more about how it impacts people and various tales that somehow, kind of, relate to the internet. The two main guys PJ and Alex are really good together and super interesting to listen to – they just did a 4 part series on a guy who writes a blog from prison and it was an especially good one. Definitely keeps you interested on a wander!

So there we have it, a few podcasts to listen to while out for a wander. If you want a list of some handy crime podcasts to add to your agenda then check out my 10 Crime Podcasts which aren’t Serial post.

What podcasts do I need to add to my listening list?


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