JC Blogs: 19 Places to Promote your Blog (+Tips for each!)

July 14, 2016

Looking for somewhere new to promote your blogs- Here are 19 places to promote your blog posts

Over the past year or so, the places I have been promoting my blog have changed drastically. I’ve discovered there are so many places you can promote and they all require varying levels of dedication, time and expertise. I think it’s all about finding the ones which work for you and that you enjoy using. Some of these are pretty obvious, but hopefully provide some new ways to think about them.

Social Media:

1 Twitter
One of my all time faves. Twitter is ideal and easy to build that initial following, especially through twitter chats. It is also pretty easy to schedule and get going on it with little practice or time. One of the other great things I’ve been wanting to try is twitter cards, where you can embed a click to tweet widget within the blog post itself which should hopefully help propel your blog even further, this is quite the handy tutorial.

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2 Instagram
Instaaaa. One of those platforms which I find a right pain and go through love and hate relationships with. Instagram is a great behind the scenes platform but you can also link to the blog in your bio and promote them as your images go up. Remember, it’s hard to measure instagram direct traffic so keep this in mind if you think it isn’t work. I’ve been following one of Alex Toobys free 7 day instagram courses which has been really helpful if you need some more instagram inspiration.

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3 Pinterest
One of the best for traffic, not so much engagement – a bit of an opposite to instagram and twitter. This is ideal if you want more traffic, and is easy to set up. Make sure you do some pinterest friendly graphics in your posts, including long images and join group boards to quickly grow your reach.

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4 Facebook Page
One of the only ones I’ve not yet tried for my blog is a facebook page, one which people can ‘like’ to then get updates from the blog. It’s a good way to get to a different audience but because of the facebook algorithm, it can make it hard for posts to be seen regularly.

5 Facebook Group
One I’ve had a bit more success with – there are a lot of blogging groups out there for each and every niche! Some will allow you to post links to your blog directly on the group wall, whereas some restrict it to particular comment threads or certain days. If you search different blog types in facebook then some should pop up and will have their guidelines in the sidebar. I especially like the Manchester bloggers comment thread, always some great reads on there!


6 LinkedIn
The professional network is a great option if your blog is in more of a career focussed niche – you can share with your connections and also blog directly from LinkedIn using LinkedIn Pulse. I use this to promote a lot when I blog for work.

7 Periscope
Similar to snapchat but this is an unlimited live stream rather than short video bursts – it’s owned by the guys who own Twitter. I’ve not really used it a whole heap though, so I will leave a handy post on it here.

8 Youtube
Another that is a great place to complement your blog – linking between the two and promoting both in different content forms, again, one that I don’t use but there is a heap of great youtube resources out there! If you’re looking to attract businesses and potential brand deals, you might want to consider creating a pitch deck type presentation showing who you are and what you can offer, and upload it onto YouTube. If this sounds like a lot then there are companies like https://kaizenbrandevolution.com/pitch-deck-design/ who can help design something that looks professional but is still authentically you. This is one that can be quite difficult to grow on, but as I said, there is a heap of resources for you to utilize and once you have become recognizable, you can become incredibly successful. Using the information on Buyoutubeviews on how to purchase subscribers to get your channel up and moving is an incredibly useful article if you’re looking for ways to grow.

9 Snapchat
I’m getting really into snapchat, it’s a great way to see more of a person behind a blog and you don’t have to focus on being perfect or the best shot as you know it will disappear in 24 hours! I often see bloggers snapchatting an image of their computer with their new post on which will inspire me to go and take a look. If you are unsure about starting snapchat then Devoted to Pink has some great posts on it, and her snapchat is great – devotedtopink.

10 Google Plus
One of those social media that you never really know what the deal is with it right? But it can still drive traffic and I do use it occasionally! It is similar to Facebook in that you can find some good blogging group, you can also link your WordPress to publish automatically to your G+ page which is what I do – then you don’t even need to think about it! Plus, if you’re running your blog as a business, you can use a service like GMB Gorilla to help update between it and the Google My Business services online, giving you an extra boost!

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Other places on the web:

11 Reddit
Reddit and other forums are great if you’re posting a niche subject or post. It can be a huge traffic driver if you do it right and it gets picked up by other Reddit users and I’ve had great success with some food and podcast post. However, make sure you read the rules of the forum or the subreddit to ensure that you don’t break any by promoting your blog, and always make your submissions balanced, no one likes only blog spam!

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12 StumbleUpon
This is one which is a little hit and miss but can lead to awesome traffic if you use it right. You need to balance the amount of time you spend on it and the amount of blog posts you submit, they should be about 75% other blogs and 25% your own. If one gets picked up then you can get sustained traffic for days to weeks afterwards!

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13 Digg
One I haven’t used myself but I’ve heard some good things! Have a read all about it here.

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Other places to consider:

14 Business Cards
If you often go to blogging events or regularly meet new people, then business cards are a good idea. When I used to go to a lot, I loved having my business cards which I got printed from Moo. I don’t use them so much now as I haven’t been to as many new events but I always like them to remember who I’ve met and make sure that I get online and look up who they are!

15 Email signatures
One I always mean to do more, is to change your email signatures to include details of your blog and of your social channels. This means anyone you email will get a view of it and be able to find it easily, also handy when sending none blog emails to get a bit more PR if you are looking for it!

16 Guest Posting
Guest posts are some of the best ways to promote your blog, not only will it expose your writing to a different audience but the link back to your blog also provides a heap of SEO back to you too. Often I see bloggers asking for guest posters on twitter for when they are on holiday so do keep an eye out if you have the time to write some articles! If the world of SEO confuses you and you’re unsure how to write guest posts, perhaps enlist the help of a professional, like these SEO Services, to promote and write quality content for your business.

I know there are different opinions on this, but I have no qualms with people leaving their blog link in a comment if they have taken the time to read my post and comment something genuine! There are always spammy blog comments, but if you write something meaningful in response to a post then pop your link in after. Often I will go on a blog reading spree by following links in comments so it definitely works!

18 Whatsapp / other messaging apps
An odd one but most of social sharing actually happens in private messages such as in Whatsapp and Viber. You can pop your blog link in as your status then everyone who messages you will see your blog link.

19 Up + Coming Apps
There are a heap of new apps which come out everyday which you can utilise and try and grow your blog on. It’s just about trying to find the right ones which will thrive and then continue to grow and direct traffic. Keep your eye on the app store, it’s great to be ahead of the curve on any new, trendy apps!

So there we go, a whole load of new things to consider and hopefully a few links to a heap of other really useful articles!

Let me know, where else do you promote your blog posts?

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