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July 30, 2016

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Now, I’ve been yapping away on this blog now for yeeeears. Literal years. And well, they always say that in order to improve you have to look back at what you have been doing and see what is most effective. And well, I’ve been looking at my various metrics and it’s become clear that I have several popular posts, which are more popular for a reason. There are probably a lot of good reasons to why my posts because popular, but I know that one of the reasons is because of SEO (you can check out a website like Demotix for some of the best SEO tips by the way). But obviously this is only one way that helped, and I know that there are plenty of others. Ideally, if I can define exactly why they have done well, it can give some lessons to work on in future! Make sense? Hopefully.

Most Popular Post for SEO – 10 True Crime Podcasts (Which Aren’t Serial)

This is most definitely the post which has really been picked up my search engines, thanks to services like Google SEO (search engine optimisation). My search engine traffic has gone up a heap since it, and even though it was posted in March, it’s always pretty likely to be in the most popular list on the right-hand side there. Some people may find it difficult to boost their SEO and are in need of help they can follow. There are articles such as the ‘Best local SEO tips for 2020‘ that can be found over at veloceinternational.com for those who need a step by step guide.

Lesson – This is one of the only posts where I did some good research on what to name it. I knew I looooved true crime podcasts and that a load of people are like me, in that they want something to fill the Serial shaped hole. Even just by typing ‘podcast’ in google, you can see a heap of suggestions popping up to do with ‘crime’, ‘other than serial’ ideas. Therefore, I popped the ‘which aren’t Serial’ in the title and I think that did the trick! I contacted an SEO in Mandurah company and that’s how I learned about strategies such as keyword ranking, website speed etc. It allowed me to excel both on my blog and podcast so if you’re not already aware of SEO, start learning!

Weirdly, my other good SEO post is one from waaaay back, a beauty review on Maybelline 7 Day Nail Polish. One I can’t really figure out, as there wasn’t much thought put in those original posts (from 2014!). But I do think putting the whole name of the nail polish in the title was useful. Check out my posts on SEO for more tips!

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Most Popular Post for Bloglovin’ – 10 Handy Websites Every Blogger Should Use

One of my most popular posts ever, and because it took off on Bloglovin’ of all sites! If your post get saved enough times to make it to the popular page then it will amplify its audience and be seen by a load more bloggers.

Lesson – if you write about blogging or tech then Bloglovin’ is a good place to spend your effort in gaining followers. I find that most people that use bloglovin’ are often bloggers or content creators themselves, therefore when I post a similar post to this, they are more likely to see it. I also think this depends on season and time as to when bloggers are reading and using this site, as I’ve had similar posts which have not done nearly as well!

Most Popular Post for Pinterest – The Ultimate Croatia and Slovenia Itinerary

Pinterest has been a bit of a hard one to crack, but I’ve finally had a few travel posts get a good chunk of repins which has rewarded me with some constant traffic.

Lesson – I’ve found Pinterest best for travel posts, especially on some large Pinterest travel group boards which I found on pingroupie. I’ve been focussing on doing pinterest graphics for all my travel and blogging posts and it is working pretty well. I think those travel posts which cover a wide range of things rather than just one location have been more successful too. I’ve done a post on my basics which should help explain it too.

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Most Popular Post for Twitter – How I Increased my Instagram by 25% in One Month

Again, another one where I know that the majority of people following me on twitter are bloggers – therefore it is a whole lot more likely that my blogging posts will do better on there than others. Though ironic that an instagram post did so well on twitter?!

Lesson – Look into the kind of people who are following you and use something like Buffer to see your successful tweets. Always include an image as these do best. Also very good if you’re doing a round up to include a picture then tag a load of people in it – they will usually retweet which then helps it to be seen by more people!

Most Popular Post for StumbleUpon – Tips for Anxious Flyers on Long Haul Flights

StumbleUpon is another one of those tricky ones, but I think this is like totally the opposite of Twitter and Bloglovin’ in that the main users of StumbleUpon, aren’t bloggers! I’ve had a few do well, and none have had much to do with blogs, again travel is a winner.

Lesson – Add your posts to StumbleUpon, as it does take like 2 minutes and it’s there. However, keep in mind the 75% rule of adding other posts on there too. Try and tailor these posts to a larger audience, things like my 10 Happy Things I know will never do well on there. Check out my post on the basics of StumbleUpon if you need more hints.

So there we go, it was actually super interesting to look at this, as it did highlight a few things I need to be better at – especially tailoring my promotion to those in which I know posts will do better!

Do you have a particular post which has done well on a platform? What tips do you have?

The best way to improve is to look at your successes - here are some lessons you can learn from your most popular blog posts - Jasmin Charlotte

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