JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #38 + Happiness Link Up!

July 11, 2016

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Phew. The two weeks of madness are over! Since we last chatted, I’ve been to Southampton, Glasgow, Ayr, Christchurch, London, Southampton again, Munich and now finally back to London. It’s been a weeeee bit tiring. This week looks a little bit quieter, with hopefully 4 whole days at home. That said, despite being totally exhausting, it’s been a lovely few weeks.

I’m cohosting the Happiness Link up this week with the lovely Jenny over from Ginevrella. I love her blog all about her life as a trainee doctor. So be sure to check out her blog, and to add a post that has made you happy recently in the link up down below. The next one will be on the 25th of July!

1 Munich. As mentioned, we had a little long weekend away in Munich this week. To be honest, I forgot a little about this trip what with being super duper busy recently. But when it came around on Thursday I was rather excited. We headed to Munich and Bavaria with Paul, my sister and Callum and my Uncle. Full post will be coming up in due course, but we spent a day near the Austrian border visiting the castles down there, then a day wandering around central Munich and visiting BMW world. I am a little behind on all my travel posts, but it will be up soon!

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2 Booking Flights. We have finally booked our trip to Australia for the end of the year! We have a quiet few months coming up on the travel front but we have now booked in our 3 weeks in Aus over Christmas, we will be spending time in Sydney, Canberra, Byron Bay and Brisbane and I am SO excited already.

3 Christchurch. We spent last weekend in Christchurch, near Bournemouth with Paul and his family. It was so lovely to spend time with them and explore a bit more of the country, I have done barely any of the South Coast and it is really stunning. Despite a wee bit of English weather, it was awesome to get out on the water and to the seaside. Again, whole post coming up when I get some time!!

4 Plants vs Zombies 2. I’ve finished Pokemon White, and not convinced by Pokemon Go, but I have been loving playing Plants vs Zombies 2, especially during my countless trains and planes in the past couple weeks. It makes the time go super quick and is sooo addictive!

5 New Greggs Salads* – The lovely guys over at Greggs sent me some of their new under 400 cal salads and they are delish! The falafel and hummus is a key favourite, but the chicken noodle is really good too. If you need a bit of lunch inspiration and want to mix it up a bit then I totally recommend checking them out.

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6 Passing my BA Diploma – Although I’m studying for something different now, over the past 2 years I’ve been doing exams for my business analysis diploma. I finally sat the final exam 3 weeks ago (where 2 interviewers grill you for over an hour!!) and had been waiting very impatiently ever since. I was so worried about it as it can be hard to gauge how well you have done when it was in person, but very happily the certificate found its way through the letterbox last week! It feels awesome to have it done, now only 4 more exams for my next certificate!!

7 Scottish Beaches. I’m working up in Glasgow and Ayr a little bit over the next few months, however the past couple of times I had been up, the weather was rubbish. However, last week when I headed up, the sun made a slight appearance and I had a wander down to the beach. I have been desperate to find a Scottish beach for ages and it was SO worth it. Just look at that, it was about 9.30pm when this was taken otherwise I would have gone for a giant walk.

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8 Bloggers Blog Awards. The bloggers blog awards is back again this year! It would mean a whole lot if you considered nominating me for the top lifestyle blog, even if you don’t, be sure to enter in your favourite blogs and share some love!

9 Wasabi Peas. I’ve developed an addiction for wasabi peas. I know they aren’t great for you, but I figure that they are better a snack compared to a giant pack of skittles, and with my health kick I’ve been loving having these in the afternoon at work.

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