JC Crafts: Learning Origami, Block Printing + Calligraphy

July 5, 2016

Photo 25-06-2016, 20 10 43Last Saturday I got invited to the Viking Arty Party, an event for bloggers to come together to learn a heap of new crafts and get our art on! We discuss everything crafty, from the new Cricut Explore Air 2 machine to what kind of fabric is best for different crafts. It’s a really fun day out but a great way to discover new crafts too. I had a fabulous time, I have to say it’s been quite a long time since I’ve done arts and crafts. My creative outlet recently has been crochet, knitting and cross stitch and although I totally love them, I was looking for a new little hobby to take up to fill in some relaxation time (what little of it I find!) and luckily I got 3 great options.

The event was held at Lumiere London down near Waterloo. The venue itself was lovely, a nice bright space, full of cute furniture, and of course, a table full of food! There were a heap of awesome bloggers there so we got a bit of time to catch up as we arrived. We then got split into 3 groups to get our craft on!

Photo 25-06-2016, 12 05 28

Mindful Origami

We started with some mindful origami, which is set to be the next adult colouring book craze, and I’m definitely happy for that to happen! I actually did a lot of origami when I was younger, we had 2 Japanese exchange students and both my sister and I studied Japanese at school for a period. This led to a heap of beautiful paper and a couple of origami books all in Japanese which we tried to interpret! Not only in this session did we learn how to make an envelope and a traditional Crane but we also got a little lesson on origami and its use in the world today.

Photo 25-06-2016, 13 44 12

The idea behind the mindfulness is that when you are learning how to fold the shape, it really makes you focus and remain in the moment (something I’m sure we will all struggle with!). Then, once you have learnt the shape, you can fold it from memory and learn to meditate on the shapes and folds. I think this is such a good idea, as like with the colouring books this is something to keep the mind calm and at the end you actually have something physical which you have created.

Block Printing

Photo 25-06-2016, 14 54 03

Our next stop was to block printing, and let me tell you, I haven’t used paint since I was at school!! We did this with the lovely Tea and Crafting company. Essentially it involves creating your own print – using foam and acrylic. As creativity isn’t my strongest point, I went for the good old double triangle. We then used the print, dabbed in paint and used a bit of strength to print on a file. While it’s obviously much easier to hire one of these cheap London printing companies if you want something printed professionally, this block printing was so much fun! I eventually managed to keep it straight and it was rather satisfying and I think it turned out and looked pretty good by the time I was finished! It is definitely an easy way to decorate something even if you aren’t the most arty of people!

And look at all the other files which other arty bloggers made, I think they look so fabulous!


Finally we headed to the calligraphy station. I’ve always really admired calligraphy, I think it looks so fabulous and I never thought that I’d be able to do it. And well, I’m not the best but I’m definitely going to keep trying! We were talked through the flexible nib, how to use it and how to position the pen then we were set off to practice. With some example letters, I tried my best to copy them, with Alice coming around to correct and show some more examples. I definitely think I improved as the afternoon went on but it is still a little wonky. However, luckily we got to take home all the bits and pieces we were using, so I will be definitely giving it another go. I think with time I can totally improve, then look at all the beautiful stationery!

Photo 25-06-2016, 12 05 46

Phew, by the end of all that I had had a packed day. I totally enjoyed all three activities though and it was so nice to try something different and get a taster of three new crafts which I can continue with. We also got a little goody bag to take home which held a couple of mugs and some pens to decorate them with – I will have to summon a bit more of my creative spirit and give those a go soon!

Big thanks to Viking for inviting me along, I had a fabulous day and can’t wait to continue with my creative spirit going forward!

Now tell me, what crafty bits have you been up to lately?

*This isn’t a sponsored post, I was invited by Viking to their blog event and had a fabulous time, all my opinions – as always!

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