JC Eats: Pergola on the Roof, London

July 27, 2016

Photo 20-07-2016, 19 28 03One of the best bits about summer in London is all the pop ups which appear which let you sit in the sunshine and eat some great food! And luckily, there is one for you this year, Pergola on the Roof which has recently opened in West London. The premise behind this is that the roof of the Television Centre right near Wood Lane has been transformed with a gorgeous pergola into a food and drink pop up.

The pop up is hosting 4 food options – Rabbit, Salt Yard, Le Coq and Patty and Bun, along with 2 bars alongside too. It is a huge space, full of tables but plenty of standing room and some sunny day beds too. If you are a group over 6 you can also reserve one of the tables which is super handy and it’s great to see that offered finally!

So on Wednesday evening I jumped on the (very hot) tube over to the West. Fortunately, it was during the mini heatwave which made it an ideal time to sit outside. I was joining some of the lovely Bangarang gals – Charlie, Katy, Emma, Erica and Milly. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the whole wisdom tooth drama which I’ve been having so I wasn’t feeling too perky but it was definitely nice to get out and about.

Photo 20-07-2016, 19 22 55

When I arrived there was quite the queue! The queue to get in without a booking is pretty large, so I’d definitely recommend booking a table if you can, round up some friends and get visiting. I really wanted to try a little something from each of the stall. I started off by getting a free drink which you can also get from the Pergola on the Roof website by signing up to their guest book. The cocktail itself was delish – some kind of gin and prosecco goodness (though this cocktail would soon be my downfall, silly wisdom tooth antibiotics).

To ease into the food I started off at Rabbit which offered a whole range of options of British Wild Food. It had from beef salads, through to hummus and crispbreads and to the scallop which is what I went for. I love me a scallop and this was an especially good one, covered in samphire and chorizo crumb. Quite the delicious mouthful and it got me ready!

Photo 20-07-2016, 19 38 23

Second course was from Salt Yard, a tapas and charcuterie bar full of a heap of very colourful and vibrant options. I went for the deep fried courgette flower, mainly as I love courgettes but I very rarely actually eat courgette flowers! I did enjoy this, though the stuffing wasn’t totally to my taste – likely my fault as it had mushrooms in it and I am not a a big mushroom fan. Though all the others on the table who went for it totally enjoyed it!

For my final course I went to Le Coq. I was very tempted by Patty and Bun but there was a bit of a line and I had had a burger earlier in the week so chicken was calling my name! I went for the coquelet, which was a quarter chicken covered in yoghurt, harrissa and a whole heap of flavour. Definitely worth devouring. However, the real star was the chips, which were deep fried in chicken fat and covered in crackling, they were DIVINE. Like, totally terrible for you, but totally addictive. By the end of all that, I was totally stuffed.

Photo 20-07-2016, 19 53 49

The atmosphere itself was great, and I didn’t have to queue much for any of the stalls which was definitely appreciated. The prices all vary, from £5 up to £13 so if you do get a bit from each stall it can be pricey but you can keep it on the affordable side too if you need it. It was lovely as the sun was setting and as it got darker little fairy lights lit up the space too.

Pergola on the Roof is open until the 29th of August, so if you are in London, then I definitely recommend gathering up a group of friends and heading down to eat a heap of food and enjoy some very good company!

Have you been to any good London pop ups recently?

*I was invited down to Pergola on the Roof for review, but of course, all opinions are my own! 

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