JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #40

August 8, 2016

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Phew, life is getting busy!! Work has ramped up quite a bit and will keep it up probably until the beginning of October, so time to try and get some work life balance. The past couple of weeks have been relatively quiet, which I have to say is quite nice. We have a few quiet weekends coming up too which I’m totally looking forward to. A load of this week was catching up on sleep, I tend to try and balance my nights up late with big long sleeps. Well, my big long sleep night ended up in getting evacuated from my hotel at 3am in the morning. Definitely cannot recommend that! Now, onto the more positive bits…

1 Exercise. I’ve decided to try a little challenge of working out every day. I’ve been mixing it up with some days doing a proper workout, some days HIIT, and some days just some gentle yoga. I’ve found doing it everyday has actually kept me doing it. Sometimes when I plan to work out 3 times a week, I end up procrastinating and then never fitting it in. Here’s hoping I can keep it up a bit longer!

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2 The Globe. We went to see Macbeth at the Globe on Thursday. Unfortunately it was the day after said hotel evacuation so I was EXHAUSTED. But I still loved it, there’s just nothing better than the atmosphere in the Globe and it has made me totally keen to try and get to another play this year.

3 Cursed Child. Of course, I had to read the script when it came out as I know there’s no way I’m dedicated enough to actually get a ticket to the play. I didn’t love the plot, but of course, it’s always nice to go back into the Harry Potter world. I also finished Harry Potter 5 which was a delight as well. I really need to have another watch of the movies sometime soon too.

4 Shopping. I had to drop the car in for an MOT, so of course, I decided to go shopping to kill some time. I actually managed to find a couple of work dresses I really liked, including this one from H+M. I’m really digging the print and keeping it nice and bright whilst still technically wearing black.

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5 Blogging Pals. Lovely Mimmi was down in London so I caught up with her and Katy over delicious Mexican. I also took them to the one cool hidden bar I know for a good chat. I love meeting internet friends in real life, it is just the best!

6 Good deeds. We went to see Star Trek last weeked (a good un’). But anyway, a disabled man accidentally fell over when he was walking up the stairs, spilling all of his popcorn and slushie. It was so sad but he went to sit down. Well like 5 minutes later, another man from a different row had been out and bought him a replacement. It was so lovely as they didn’t even know each other but it’s those little things that give me more faith in humanity!

7 Museum Visits. On Sunday we went off to the British Museum for the first time in months. I’m trying to make more of an effort to go to London things and the new exhibit about the sunken Egyptian cities was so good. I really need to try and get to more things like this as I always really enjoy them when I finally go!

8 Survey. I’ve really appreciated all the responses so far to my blog survey. If you haven’t filled it out yet, I would be so grateful if you could, it will only take a couple of minutes and really help with the blog going forward.

9 Brunch. I’ve been trying to get to Dishoom for ageeees after hearing so many good things. We finally headed over to Kings Cross before the museum this week and it was definitely worth it! I had a sausage naan and it was just all the good things in life. I really loved the interior too, feeling very colonial. I can’t wait to go back in the evening and try their dinner menu!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

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I guest posted on Audaciously So about my career as a Business Transformation Consultant if you’re interested in the other side of my life!

There we have it, now tell me, what’s made you happy this week?

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