JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #1

September 14, 2016

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Woah now. This is one of those things that I mentioned in my last post that I’m mixing it up! I love my 10 happy things posts which pop out every now and again, but I decided to jump onto the Wonderful Wednesday train. As really, who doesn’t need a little pep up in the middle of the week? And now, you know, I can even mix it up and have some weeks where there are less than 10 and more than 10, revolutionary I know.

So this is gonna be me trying to cram one month of stuff into one blog post. But actually, it’s been a totally chill month so we can do it.

Future Plans

A few little updates to the next couple months – we are now off to Amsterdam at the end of October for a bit of canal wandering. I’m really excited, mainly as Emmas pics are always wanderlusting. I’ve also popped in a little trip to Paris in a few weeks to see my Dad. ‘Cause you know, if someone in the fam is in this half of the world then I’m gonna make an effort to see them. We’ve also firmed up a load more plans for Aus in December and I’m most definitely on the countdown now.

Wedding Planning

For the sister of course. We’ve made some good progress on the wedding front, and this month has been a whole lot of dress shopping, but I think we may have just found the dress! It is totally gorgeous, we’re going back to see it in a couple of weeks and I reckon that will clinch the deal. No bridesmaids dresses just yet, but we have had more thoughts on the hen do. I know May will come around so quickly.

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UK Travels

As I’m in my little dirth of holidays at the moment (until the future plans) we’ve been getting around and about in the UK recently. I’ll get around to popping up some full posts soon but we finally went to Leeds Castle over in Kent. We also took a day trip from Manchester to Hardwick Hall which was totally amazing and very enjoyable. I’ve been out to Richmond Park and up to North London. It’s been rather lovely, especially as the sun has even made an appearance every now and again!


I know I’ve mentioned this a couple of times and I’ll probably do a whole post on it, but essentially I’ve really started trying to focus on my health. I had that realisation of, this is the only body I’m gonna get, and if I take care of it now, in like 30 years I will be a happy bunny. I’ve started working out, every day. Yes, every day. Which is mental to go from nothing to 7 days a week. I usually do 5 days of more vigorous work outs then a couple of days of yoga and stretching to balance it out. And of course, all of it done at home with a few weights. this is the first time I’ve actually really been able to see the changes in my body with more muscles and strength. Woo!

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All the Food

In total contrast to all the fitness, the healthy eating thing has not yet happened. (That’s the goal for next month, gotta tackle these things one at a time!). So of course, the month was full of deeelish food. The highlights definitely included lunch with the Bangarang girls at Dishoom which involved the best gunpowder potatoes. Could totally eat them all day. A delish evening of sandwiches at Brother Marcus in Balham and a couple of epic brunches at Brickwood in Tooting.

And All the TV… 

Obviously with less blogging meant a whole lot more of watching TV. We’ve been tackling the new season of Suits (definitely a questionable season), the first season of Billions (rather addictive) and the second season of Mr Robot. If you are tackling the second season then it definitely does get off to a rather slow start but does pick up and now I’m totally addicted again. I’ve also just started Crazy Ex Girlfriend which I’m totally loving – I need a musical sitcom in my life.

So fill me in, what have you been up to over the past few weeks?!

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