JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #7

November 30, 2016

photo-19-11-2016-18-40-05Happy Wednesday! This week actually turned out to be a lot quieter than planned, I ended up getting a bit of a dodgy stomach which meant I had to take a couple of days of work. This meant that last week was the first week in about a year where I’ve actually stayed at home every night of the week as I wasn’t able to travel. And I have to say, it was rather nice! Hotel life can get a wee bit tiring after awhile. We are officially on the final countdown, my next Wonderful Wednesday post in 2 weeks will go live whilst I’m sunning it up in Jakarta on our way to Aus. Eek!!

We ate 9 courses at Pied a Terre

As I mentioned in my birthday post, Paul very kindly bought me a tasting menu for my birthday at the Michelin starred Pied a Terre. It was absolutely amazing and such a wonderful night. It was 9 courses on the menu, but really 11 once you get an amuse bouche!!  The service was perfect and the food executed really well – my favourites had to the be the hand dived scallops with rainbow radish citrus and dill, and the fallow deer with celeriac, watercress, sprouts and chestnut. They were all so flavourful with some many different types of textures. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to do another one!!

Birthday Brunch

I never really organise anything to celebrate my birthday but some of the girls were free so I organised a little birthday brunch – Katy, Leanne, Charlie, Claire and Chloe all trekked a little down South to Pimlico and it was so nice to see them! We went to Cambridge Street Kitchen which I went to a few months ago and it was really good, this time the service was really slow but I still enjoyed my smashed avo and poached eggs.

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Loadsa TV

What with the sick days and a load of days sat at home studying, it’s meant that I’ve managed a lot of TV watching recently. Shout outs to – Shetland, which I’m obsessed with. It’s on Netflix and pretty much involves a detective solving loads of murders on the Shetland Islands. They seem to do most of their work just wandering around the hills with amazing backgrounds which has made me obsessed with now visiting Shetland.

The Missing – if you aren’t watching this on BBC 1 then you are missing out. It is SO good. Pretty much following 2 abductions of girls in Germany and following the investigation but it pops back from present into the past as the story is slowly unravelling. One of those shows where at the end you just want to jump up and shout about it!! I’ve also started The Crown which I was skeptical about but I’m really enjoying – all about Queen Elizabeth but the cast of characters is so good.

Hair Time

Finally went and got my hair done – managed to get a good chunk chopped off and the highlights tidied up. Being blonde is a right pain sometimes but I do love it when it’s all done and looking nice and swishy!

Monday Night Comedy

We went to see Criminal, an improv show with Erica and Viki on Monday night and it was awesome! I always mean to go to more shows and comedy in London so this was an awesome opportunity to do that. It was at the Miller pub in London Bridge and we had some delish burgers before hand – only £5 on a Monday too!

So there we have it, I’m off to Fantastic Beasts tonight and I’m very excited for it! I’m trying to get a few posts together for when I’m away – I’ve been useless at scheduling since I took my break and can’t decide whether to take another break whilst I’m away. My aim is to get at least one a week scheduled, then if I have some time to get some Wonderful Wednesdays typed whilst I’m away then I will. I have a feeling I’ll have a lot of down time!!

What’s been wonderful for you in the last few weeks?

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