JC Chats: 8 More True Crime Podcasts (which aren’t Serial!)

December 9, 2016

2021 update! I’ve now started my own podcast which explores accidents, disasters and things that have gone wrong. A little twist on true crime and exploring some new areas. It’s called When It Goes Wrong and is available on all the standard podcast apps – also on the website When It Goes Wrong podcast.

A wee while ago now, I posted a blog about 10 True Crime Podcasts (which aren’t Serial). And well, it’s my most popular post ever! The joys of google picking that one up. It’s been a fair few months since that post and I’ve been listening to a few more since then so I thought I’d do a bit of a round up. As always, I listen to way too many podcasts as I always need something yapping in my ears (the joys of an overactive mind), although I listen to a heap of crime, I do listen to other genres too so if you need some recommendations, give me a shout!


Case File

Case file is a very traditional podcast involving the main narrator speaking through a different true crime story each week. He is Australian so a lot of the stories are more Australian / UK based rather than American. He goes into a lot of detail with each case and often splits them into sections if too long. It’s a very thorough podcast! In the first few episodes he is quite monotonous and doesn’t use any music but as the episodes continue, the definitely get better, so good to start with some of the newer episodes first. He generally only covers crime which have an outcome so they are quite satisfying to listen to!

Phoebe’s Fall

Phoebe’s Fall is was a shorter series of podcasts from an Australian broadcaster. They were reeeeally interesting, centering around a women called Phoebe who died in 2008. She died from injuries from falling down a rubbish shoot from the 11th floor. However, when you hear more about the story it just all sounds very unconvincing that she could have even got into the shoot with the amount of drugs and alcohol in her system. The series examines the crime, then goes into detail about Phoebe and the impact it has on the community. It also covers how the police handled the crime and the actions of her ex boyfriend. All in all, it was a really good podcast and one which I would love to hear more developments about.


Accused is another following the trend of investigating a single case over several episodes – this time the case of Elizabeth Andes. She was a young woman who was murdered in 1978 and her boyfriend actually ended up getting tried for it but was found not guilty. It’s a really interesting listen and they get a lot of people on there to speak – including the boyfriend. It doesn’t come to a conclusion but does pose a few good theories that get you thinking.

Generation Why

I mentioned Thinking Sideways in my first post which is one of my fave podcasts – generation why is very similar. It doesn’t just focus on unsolved mystery but on any kind of grisly tale. It’s a pair that discuss the cases with one case per episode. I don’t love these guys as much as I love the Thinking Sideways bunch, but they are still great to listen to. Plus they have done like a heeeeeap of episodes so if you ever have a particular case that you’d like to hear more about, there is a pretty high chance they will have done something on it for you to listen to!


Felon is a good one if you like Case File – very similar in style and also hosted by an Aussie! I sometimes find the music a little offputting, like it’s the end of a movie. But I’ve not heard of many of the cases so far, they are a good length and they keep you interested!


Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished is one with a heap more production value – it’s been made by a film maker who has been looking into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. She was a women in the South of America who disappeared one evening without any evidence. The host, Payne, gets in touch with the private investigator who worked the case and works through the evidence in each episode. It is similar in style to that of Serial, a lot of editing and recorded phone calls. It is pretty fast paced with episodes still being released so I’m not sure of the ending just yet. I’m hoping it culminates to some good theories which haven’t been revealed yet – mainly just questions identified so far. That said, it’s an interesting listen and worth a go.

They Walk Among Us

Finally a good UK crime podcast! They walk among us one focussing on British crime which I’ve found really interesting, especially as living here a lot of them I have heard of but just haven’t heard in much detail. I’m filling in the crime gaps! It has good production quality and usually keeps you guessing until the end as to who was the culprit. I like the detail it goes into. A really solid, quality crime podcast.


Missing + Murdered – Who killed Alberta Williams?

And finally, another in the group of shorter series of podcasts focusing on one crime. This one, Canadian, on the disappearance and murder of Alberta Williams. It’s made by CBC which means it’s very high quality and I’ve been enjoying it develop, it is similar to Serial in that they often go out and try and interview people or go back to scenes where things have happened. I’m about half way through the episodes and hope it has a satisfying ending.

So there we go – 8 more podcasts to fill that true crime void in your life. If I’ve missed any key ones off these two lists then do let me know, I always love exploring more. If only there were more hours in the day and I could actually make one myself!

What’s your fave podcast?

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