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December 18, 2016


It’s time for a first here on Jasmin Charlotte – my first Q and A! I wanted a nice little post to go up whilst I’m on my hols in Aus so I took to twitter and instagram and asked for your questions about everything and anything! I ended up with a load of good ones so let’s get into this.

Travel –

Where has been your favourite place to travel? Which did you enjoy the least? Whats the dream one day destination? – Country Mouse Claire

Starting with such a hard one! I’d say the States in my favourite place to visit, mainly because you can get such a variety of places all within the one country – from the big cities of NYC, to the craziness of Vegas but also such beautiful nature like in the National Parks. I’ve been so many times and driven across the entire country and there is still so much to discover.

As for least, I always have mixed feelings about France – it is such a gorgeous country but I found Marseille a bit dodgy when we went a few years ago and didn’t feel too safe there. I also had conflicting feelings about Paris but my recent trip has started to change that opinion. As for dream destination, lately I’ve been really wanting to do a big trip through Africa including going on Safari. The posts by Angie and Sara have really been fuelling this recently!

If you could travel to any era to visit a now missing location, where would you go and why? – My Lavender Tinted World

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If you weren’t living here, where would you opt for? – Rhyme + Ribbons

I’d honestly love to live everywhere. I would really like to live in Edinburgh or just anywhere in Scotland for awhile (I’m obsessed with Shetland after watching the TV series). I’d also love to live in Amsterdam, it’s a city I can see myself really getting along with. And I’d love to live back in the States for awhile (though maybe after this whole Trump thing!).

Personal –

Could you ever imagine living back in NZ? – Charlie Distracted

Most definitely! I love NZ and would love to move back there one day. That said, I don’t think I’d move anytime in the near future – I’m enjoying London and Europe too much and really enjoying working in such a large industry over here. I think NZ is fab but it can get a bit boring and it doesn’t have the same scale of business which you can find here in Europe.

What made you decide to settle in the UK? – FiEvans

I originally wanted to move to Manchester for a year to spend some more time with my grandparents, but after visiting my sister in London, I knew I needed to move to the big city! Plus, it was a lot easier to get a job down here – so I took a role and moved down. It was only planning to be a year but after changing my career plans and meeting amazing people + an amazing boyfriend, I’ve been here ever since!

How do you deal with homesickness when your family are on the other side of the world? – The Sussex Girl

Being homesick is hard! I’m quite fortunate actually in that I don’t get homesick too often – as I’ve moved about since the age of 7, I’m always used to not having all my loved ones around me, and to me that is just now a fact of life. The main way to get around it is to always have that next date in the diary on when you are going to see them – that way it’s not a ‘oh one day’, but it’s a definite, in x months I’ll be heading over or they will be coming here. Skype dates are essential too – I skype my parents at least once a week for a good hour to catch up!

Other –

G+T or prosecco for life – choose wisely – Being Erica

For sure gin and tonic. Just think of the different combinations you could have! I could drink them forever. I do like prosecco but I can usually only do one of two glasses and the bubbles make them go to my head. I’m loving my London City Distillery gin at the mo if you’re looking for a new tipple.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why? – Little Miss Katy

I had a very brief stint where I had to do some training for some sales people, very brief as I hate training. But anyway, this was always the question we had to ask at the beginning to get the group talking! And obv they were all sales people so they just picked vicious, scary animals. I generally always went with the standard cat, because if my life could be eating, sleeping, sitting in warm places and getting lots of cuddles then there’s not much more I’d need in life. If not, then some kind of migrating bird so I could just spend my life flying around the world!

What Hogwarts house are you in? Ilvermorny? Wand? – Broke in the big smoke

Ohh hard one actually. The first time I did it, I got Slytherin, then every time since I’ve got Ravenclaw. I think I’m a Ravenclaw with a bit of Slytherin ambition but I dunno – I’ve never felt I’ve clicked with one of the houses. Let me know what you think I’d be! As for wand, I got a Cypress wood with unicorn hair core, 12 and a quarter inches and hard flexibility. My patronus is a red squirrel and my Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie.


How do you find so many amazing brunch spots? – EmmaInks 

I generally find all my restaurant inspo from other bloggers!! There are so many good London bloggers, then I write down any I fancy in a post it note on my desktop. Then when I have a craving I go through and find something that matches! South West actually does brunch pretty well – especially around Tooting, Clapham and Balham.

If you were a mutant what would your X-men power be? – Miss Pond

Ohh X-men is one of my total faves! I definitely would like the whole mind reading and telekinesis ala Jean Grey. I think it would be too cool and I could totally control that power…

Tell us about one hobby that you don’t blog about? – The Lilac Linnet

I’d say my main hobby is my crafting – which is normally crochet or cross stitch. I find they chill me out and are my only hobby which take me away from internet life! I don’t write about them often but I did write about my cross stitches ageeees ago if you fancy a read, like so long ago it doesn’t even have a JC in the title!!

I really enjoyed writing this post! And hopefully you got to find out a few more bits and bobs about me. I will do another one of these in future I’m sure so if you have any questions you want to ask then please do fire them off in the comments!

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