JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #8 – The Australia Edition

December 28, 2016

I’m cheating a little with my Wonderful Wednesday this week, mainly as I’m writing it on Boxing Day Monday! But we are off on the next phase of our trip tomorrow and I doubt I’ll have access to a laptop until we are back in London. I just hate blogging on anything that doesn’t have a proper keyboard right?

As you may have seen, we made it to Australia!! The flights were a bit of a pain with quite the delay in Jakarta and a large amount of anxiety but eventually we landed in Sydney. We’ve both been a little ill for the first bit of our holiday – always the way right, as soon as you stop to relax, the body insists on getting ill. Luckily we’ve passed that stage, and we still managed to have an awesome time and a lovely Christmas. I’m posting daily on my instagram with a little diary post so if you want to follow along, then be sure to follow me over there – jasxcharlotte. Now, onto some wonderful things!

Shangri La – Jakarta

As I mentioned in my itinerary, we ended up with a stop over in Jakarta. Jakarta itself was absolute boiling hot madness, but we decided to go fancy and stay in the Shangri-La, an oasis of calm in the city. The hotel was gorgeous, we had a giant room, with a gorgeous view and an amazing pool. I got a massage, slept like 10 hours and generally felt pretty refreshed. If only that refreshed feeling continued but unfortunately it was then followed by an 8 hour flight delay until 4am because of technical problems… sigh.

Lounging by the pool at the parents

Of course when rather tired and ill from our travels, the best thing is a bit of time at home which is what we did as soon as we landed. The weather in Australia has been rather delightful and we’ve spent a lot of time just sitting next to the pool and trying to catch up on my good reads challenge (despite a late surge, I think I’ll end on 24 out of 30 for the year!). It’s been lovely to see the parents, and my bestie Hannah and her husband came to visit too. Queue lots of wine and feeling nice and chill.

Seeing the Besties in Sydney

As Canberra isn’t as well connected as other places in Aus, we decided to have a bit of a school friends reunion in Sydney. It’s been 4 years since the 5 of us got together at the same time (luckily there have been lots of single trips in the meantime) and it was so nice to see everyone! I booked a really nice Air Bnb right near the Sydney city centre and we spent 3 days catching up on each other lives, talking about future plans and exploring Sydney. Something I’m determined must happen more often!

A very foodie Christmas

One of the main traditions we have from an antipodean Christmas is to usually go out for dinner on Christmas Day. You know, it’s hot, people all eat different things and it’s always so much easier to get someone else to do the cooking! As there were 6 of us this year, it was definitely the case. We went out for dinner to The Boathouse, sitting on the edge of the big lake in Canberra. We had 6 courses and they were totally divine – from cured ocean trout to melting roast pork to mango semifredo – it was all amazing. With all that it ended up quite the foodie Christmas – we decided not to go big on pressies this year as obviously all the travel and getting to be together is gifts enough!

Sunshine, tim tams, ginger beer and seafood

Finally, some of the little things. Although visiting Australia is always very exciting seeing new places, friends and families – it does always give me some nice New Zealand memories. Of course, Aus is very different to NZ, but it’s just that little bit more similar compared to the UK. I’ve been eating lots of tim tams, drinking Bundaberg ginger beer and lavishing in sunshine. We have finally had many a BBQ and been eating some totally gorgeous fish and seafood. All memories of many an NZ summer!

So there we go, we are off to Harrington, Byron Bay and Brisbane from tomorrow until the New Year. I expect lots of sunshine, beaches and reading copious amounts of books. I’ll be writing some proper posts on all our adventures when we get back to the UK.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Tell me, what was the best bit?

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