JC Chats: 2017 goals, wishes and travel plans

January 8, 2017

Well hello there and Happy New Year!! This is the first post I’m writing in 2017 now I’m firmly back down on London soil. I had the best holiday and that will all appear on the blog soon, but I’m now sitting in the joyous haze that is jetlag whilst wrapped in 7000 layers on the couch. I have a giant case to unpack but you know, I felt like it was time to get chatting.

I hadn’t originally planned to do one of these posts but they are actually one of my favourite posts to read. I know some people have issues with new years resolutions but I don’t – I think if you’ve had some time to reflect and there are some things you want to change, then why not! Almost a month off work on the opposite side of the world has definitely given me some time to ponder and think, just what was needed. I’ve come up with a few goals and plans to take forward into into the new year. I’ll be going more into the personal ones as I’m sure career and work goals aren’t too exciting!

Personal Goals

Get the food sorted with Slimming world

I talked a little while ago about my exercise routine which I feel like I really got down in 2016. Well, 2017 is when it’s going to happen with food! Exercise is easier to fit into my ever changing travel and routine, but keeping a food plan down? Well it’s hard! I never really know where and when I’ll be home week to week but I’m determined to give it a go and no longer survive on a combination of chocolate croissants, cheese toasties and pizza.

I decided to go with slimming world to help me with this – I do want to lose a little bit of weight (about a stone) but I mainly want to start cooking again and actually consistently eat fruits and veges. I think Slimming World focuses a lot more on getting those healthy foods onto the plate so hopefully I will keep this up. I’ve started a instagram account where I can get some inspo and you can follow along – @swjasmincharlotte.

Finish studying

I passed my second exam right before Christmas (woo!) and still have 2 more exams to complete this year. I’ve found studying really tough whilst working full time but I’m determined to finish it all off and get back into the study zone after a nice long break.

Save 40% of my paycheck

One of my big things this year is focusing more on home and getting some savings down so we can hopefully buy in the coming years. I save regularly as it’s been instilled in me since I was younger but I am usually a bit useless at actually upping the amount I’m saving each month. I’m giving myself the aim of 40% of my paycheck each month – which will the get me to my savings goal for the year. I’m hoping that with Slimming World and not eating out for 70% of my meals, that I will naturally spend less each month. Fingers crossed!

Read 25 books 

My goal last year was 30, and despite a late surge of 8 books on holiday – I just missed it at 28 books. I decided to go down a little for this year as I know when I’m studying I find it really hard to read. I’ve ticked off 4 so far – mainly on the plane home so I’m well on the way!

Blogging Wishes

I had some serious pondering about the blog whilst I was away and what I want to do with it, whether I should continue or not. But after all that I do think I want to keep going with it, after all the time and effort which has gone into it so far – I don’t want to waste that. I really want to figure out my plan for the blog in 2017 and what I want it to be going forward. I’d like to keep posting twice a week ideally but we will see how we go when the study begins! I have a few numbers I want to try and hit if all goes well –

Instagram – 3500

Bloglovin – 2200

Twitter – 8000

Pinterest – 2500

Travel Plans

As I’ve alluded to, I’m focusing more on home this year which is odd after several years of totally epic travel! Now, don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean I won’t be travelling, I think that will be impossible! But just maybe a couple less trips and a few more in the UK instead. I hoping this will help with the savings goal up there! The other weird thing is that I have basically nothing booked!! I guess after the epic travels of the year, I want to have a bit more of a ponder.

The only thing we definitely have in the diary is a trip to Bordeaux in May for my sisters wedding, we are then going to spend a few days exploring the South of France – an area of France I’ve not yet been to. As for travel wishes, I’d love to do more of the UK – maybe down to Cornwall or to see more of Wales. I’ve become a bit of a Shetland addict, both the books and TV so I’d love to get to the Shetland Isles or even over to Ireland where I’ve never been before. The year is an open book which doesn’t happen very often and I’m excited to see where it will take me!

Tell me, what are your travel plans for the year ahead? Any goals or wishes for 2017?

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