JC Chats: What to watch, read + listen to – Jan 2017

January 17, 2017

I used to write these posts for ageeees, but then I decided to stop. Mainly because they never did hugely well in terms of people reading it, but the goal for this year is to write what I like to read, so I am bringing them back! These are monthly posts where I round up the things I’ve been enjoying on TV and at the cinema, been listening to from podcasts to music, and of course reading, from books to blogs. Let me know what you think of them and if there’s a better format for these which I’m missing! It’s been a good past month as being on holiday has meant I’ve had way more time to get my head stuck in book and listening to some great podcasts.



I always prefer to watch TV on long haul flights – I find them easier to pay attention to rather than films. On the way home, I discovered Westworld was available and it has been something I have been keen to watch for awhile. And I’m glad I did as it’s awesome! It is a dystopian drama set in the future where artificial intelligence has improved with many ‘hosts’ who now look and act like humans. This focuses on Westworld which is a park where humans can pay to go in and do things they can’t do in the real world – mainly kill and do horrible things to women.

The series focuses on the hosts in the park along with some visitors, it also focuses on the humans who run the park and how it is managed. It is one of those which has a huge number of storylines that all eventually interlink with each other where you learn more as each episode goes on. It has a lot of questions around humanity and around whether a robot can be seen as human. If you liked Ex Machina then this is right up your ally.


We saw two films whilst in Australia – the first Rogue One, which I also totally recommend, but you already knew that. But we also saw Passengers when we were in Brisbane. It was actually a really interesting film, focusing on a flight to a new world where the passengers are put into hibernation for the 120 year flight, except one of them wakes up with 90 years to go. The first three quarters of the film are really thought provoking around the ethics of what you would do if you found yourself in that situation. The last quarter is your traditional sci fi disaster scenes where they must fix the ship against it’s soon demise. I thought the film had such a good premise and I really don’t want to ruin it, but I do recommend giving it a watch.


Blue Lightning (Shetland) – Ann Cleeves

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on the blog, I’ve been really obsessed with the Shetland TV series. So obviously the next step was to read the books they are based on! The first 2 seasons of the show are based directly on the books so I decided on trying one of the middle books to see how similar they were. This book focuses on Jimmys trip to Fair Isle with the murder of the women who runs the environmental bird station on the island. The plot was similar but was definitely different to the TV in terms of the actual murderer and the fact that Jimmys fiancee is still alive at the time.

It is a really good book and I’ve read the two after this one as well – I enjoy how she writes, inviting lots of scenes of Shetland. They keep me guessing until the end that’s for sure. I like how they are written – often from several different characters perspectives. If you like a good crime novel then give this series a try.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder at Road Hill House – Kate Summerscale

This was another new one which my mum recommended whilst I was in Aus. It’s a crime novel following a murder in the 1800s but it is actually a true story and has been pieced together using historical evidence which makes it so interesting! The murder happens in a manor house near Somerset in the later 1800s and it follows the hunt for the killer and everything surrounding it – even following the people until they died in the mid 1900s. It’s really fascinating and a bit of a different type of book for me – I immediately read The Wicked Boy, also by Kate Summerscale straight after as I really enjoyed the type of non fiction.


Ed Sheeran

Ah good old Ed. I’m so glad he’s back! He released a couple of new tracks – Castle on the Hill and Shape of You and honestly I really love them both. I’ve been a big fan of Ed for a few years and I’m really looking forward to his soon to be released new album.

The Unsorry Podcast

And ending on a podcast – I’ve been trying to expand my podcast listening into more than just crime and what better way than with some fellow bloggers The Unsorry Podcast! Sam and Lea chat about a range of issues on the podcast, all in the aims of living a more unsorry life and care less about external pressures. I can relate SO much to both of them and the topics they talk about from burnout, to social media culls to feminism and friendships. It’s like sitting down with some girlfriends and having a good old natter. One to add to your listening rotation!

What have you been enjoying watching, listening and reading to this month?

PS I took ACTUAL flatlays for this post which is a miracle quite frankly. I’m going to attempt to do more this year!

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