JC Travels: My Australia trip in numbers

January 14, 2017

Can we just stay on holiday forever? I have to say that this one to Australia was rather epic. We did so many awesome things, the sun shone, and I felt like I got a really good break, though I must say that I could’ve happily done a few more days bathing in sunshine. I’ve been through our itinerary previously, but as I try and get through my hundreds of photos, I thought I’d do a little run down of the trip in the form of numbers…

4 – Flights

34,000 – kilometres flown

1 – number of flights I actually cried on (quite the win in my opinion!)

2 – days it took to recover from the jetlag

2 – hours we sat in traffic to get from the Jakarta airport to the hotel

6 – number of us that stayed in our air BnB in Sydney

6 – number of kilometres we walked from Coogee to Bondi beach

29 – degrees Celsius on most of our days in Sydney

3 – dresses purchased from George St

7000 – approximate amount of avocados consumed, mainly on toast at brunch

8 – times I actually went swimming

5 – number of Canberra wineries which were visited

6 – number of courses for our Christmas Day dinner

2 – days it took to drive from Canberra to Byron Bay

92 – the number of our villa at Elements of Byron Bay

28,000 – the highest number of steps taken in one day up to the lighthouse

0 – amount of waterfalls we saw due to them all drying up!

2 – number of times I got a little bit burnt (and only a little bit which I take as a success!)

10 – number of books read over the holiday

2 – trips to the cinema (Rouge One + Passengers)

35 – approximate number of dolphins we saw in a pod off the coast of Byron Bay lighthouse

4 – amount of museums visited

15 – number of mozzie bites sustained

3 – days that we actually saw rain (and even then not for long!)

2 – days at the spa

26 – number of instagram pictures posted

2 – feet long, the biggest lizard monster we saw!

Now keep an eye out for the upcoming posts going into lots more details. All the snaps are from my instagram – I’m also microblogging over there so you can read a whole heap about the full holiday!

Have you been to Aus? Where’s your fave spot?

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