JC Chats: What to watch, read and listen to – February 2017

February 26, 2017

I enjoyed writing this last month so it’s back again! February is quite the short month and I’ve also started studying again which severely limits the amount of time I have to watch, read and listen. But don’t worry it’s just meant I’ve been more picky with what I have been consuming. Please do share your recommendations below in the comments, I love getting more inspiration on what to try next month!


The Great British Pottery Throw Down

Oh my god, how did I not find this sooner?! It is SO good! It’s basically the great British Bake Off but doing pottery and ceramics instead. They do the same kind of format – 3 challenges throughout the weekend with 10 contestants and 2 judges. The objects they make are all so impressive – I’ve learnt so much about pottery (and totally want to give it a try!). They make the same kind of jokes as GBBO and it basically fills that large hole that was let in my life. It’s only on about week 5, so be sure to go on iplayer and catch up – it will be worth it!

Shadow of Truth

I’ve been lacking a good true crime show in my life for awhile. I really loved Making a Murderer and this is on the same lines, but just oh so frustrating! It’s actually Israeli but is on Netflix – it has English subtitles so you need to pay attention. It follows the murder of a teenager in a school, and the man who they think has done it. It’s similar to Making a Murderer in that in the first episode it totally convinces you one way, then the next one totally flips everything on its head. It’s 4 episodes so definitely one to watch.


Audiobooks – Whisky in Small Glasses by Denzil Meyrick

Someone tell me, do I put this in reading or listening? It is a book but is an audiobook, I do think it goes more in Listen but the rest of the books I read this month are all quite dull work books so I need something for this section. First of all, this was my first audiobook and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve been driving a lot more for work and although I love a good podcast, it’s been nice to mix it up. This book was about 17 hours in length so I was able to listen and drive for a good few weeks.

This audiobook is a police procedural crime novel set in Kinloch in Scotland. It follows several murders in the small town and the police man Jim Daly along with his wife. I think the best thing about this was the voice acting – the man who narrates it does such a good job – doing all different types of Scottish accent throughout. I’m definitely going to buy another one – though I was expecting them to be cheaper like kindle books, but I suppose £16 is reasonable for the amount of work which must go into them. Tell me if you have any fave audiobooks for me to listen to!


Generation Why

I don’t know why I didn’t get into this mystery podcast sooner. I think I was too busy making my way through all of the Thinking Sideways episodes first! Generation Why is similar to Thinking Sideways, basically they cover a murder / mystery each week – they go into all the details and discuss theories and opinions on the case. I really enjoy these as a bit of background when I’m blogging or working – does anyone else find if you have a podcast on it helps me be so much more productive? I’ve only done about 5 episodes so far and there are heeeeeaps to catch up on!

Hashtag Authentic

Finally, I started listening to this podcast about Instagram by the pro instagrammer Me + Orla. I really love her Instagram and I’ve been getting her emails about hashtags for awhile, and as a podcast lover this was an obvious next step! She has a really lovely, flowing voice which makes these really easy to listen to. There are only 2 episodes out so far, about what all instagram bots and then about the tips to grow your following. If you want some really honest and reliable instagram advice then give this a listen to.

Tell me, what have you enjoyed this month?

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