JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #11

February 8, 2017

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! I was feeling rather blue last week, luckily this time I’m definitely feeling better though still a little fed up. There is now an end in sight to the few things which have been frustrating me – so bring on March! I’m definitely ready for a bit more sunshine too, does anyone else feel like they haven’t seen the sun for weeks?! It’s been so grey and rainy lately! Anyway onto the happy things from the past couple of weeks…

Bangarang Secret Santa

It’s always so busy in December, especially last year with jetting off to Australia mid way through the month. So the bangarang blogging gals decided we would postpone our Christmas get together and do Secret Santa in January instead! So on a rainy Sunday afternoon most of us headed off to Claires house in East London to eat a load of sugary food, have a great catch up and swap our pressies. It was just what I needed when feeling blue and I have to say eating Charlies home made brownies definitely helped my mood. As for my pressie, I got some epic new PJs which are oh so comfy and cozy in this cold weather, and some dinosaur socks! (Any guesses on who got them for me?! 😉 )

Tacos and comedy

I really want to try and watch more comedy this year as I always enjoy it so much when I do! So we met up with Sam + Geoff in town to finally go and see some! We started the evening off at Corazon where we ate some really good tacos and have a few rather delicious mojitos before heading off to the comedy.

The Comedy Store ended up being sold out but we went to the 99 Club instead. I hadn’t tried them before – their shows tend to be all over the place, this time in one of the hotels on Leicester Square. It was really good though – 3 comedians and lots of laughs was just what I needed on a cold weekend.

New snacks

With the whole healthy eating thing going on, I’ve been trying to find more snacks to keep me going through the day without scoffing down a giant chocolate bar. I’ve been love the Fibre One chocolate brownies – the brownie itself is SO good and it’s like 90 calories which is even better. These have been the best sweet treat in the afternoon when I’ve been flagging. I’ve been eating a load of different yoghurts lately too – something which I always know are good for me but just never think to eat them. I’ve been loving the orange flavour muller lights!

Alongside those, I’ve been snacking way more on little easy peelers which I forgot are so delish. I’ve been loving the carrots with hummus from M+S too – so filling for when I’m starving on an afternoon!

Yoga Revolution

I’m still keeping up my Fitness Blender regime, but on the days where I don’t have a workout scheduled, I’ve been working through Yoga with Adrienes Yoga Revolution. I’ve only been able to do a couple a week so I’m on like day 10 but I’ve been really enjoying them. She is so good and the routines are all so varied –  from really relaxed days to more power yoga. I do wish I could do the whole of them in the 31 days but I don’t want to double up on the workouts. I really recommend if you want to get into yoga this year!


I’ve been driving a lot lately for work. I’d usually listen to podcasts but a lot of my favourite ones are on breaks at the moment so I’ve been running out of things to listen to. I decided to finally try an audiobook as I love reading and I love podcasts so surely I’ll love some kind of combination?! So far it’s been really great! I’ve been listening to Whisky from Small Glasses by Denzil Meyrick about a murder up in Scotland. It’s narrated really well, with the speaker doing different Scottish accents and voices for all the characters. It’s made my drives much more enjoyable – especially when they are 2+ hours long. So far I’ve only been able to listen to them in the car though – I need all of the concentration which I don’t get as much when I’m commuting by train or walking!

Tell me, what’s your favourite snack? Give me some inspiration! What’s made you happy this week?

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