JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #12

February 22, 2017

I’ve been feeling a bit more perky this week. Work is picking up into some more interesting things in the near future and hopefully a bit less travel coming up which will be nice. That along with the increasing sunshine and a definite feeling that there is a bit of Spring in the air is putting a smile on my face. Can’t really believe it’s already coming up to the end of Feb, before you know it all the family will be flying over for my sister’s wedding in May!! Now, onto some highlights from the past few weeks.

We bought a new car!

The big purchase of the month (likely year) has happened! If you remember, the current car got flooded last year and well, just hasn’t been the same since. We’ve known for ages we are going to need a new one and Paul has been keeping his eyes out for something he liked. I’m not too fussed on cars, as long as it’s safe, it drives and it has 5 seats then I’m happy! But Paul being a previous racing driver is obviously much pickier when it comes to these things. He decided on an Astra VXR so as it sounds, is rather sporty! He even wants to get the windows tinted (If you’re gonna get your car tinted, check out a website like bhwtinc.com beforehand), which is exciting too. It’s a lovely looking car but I think it’ll look even better with tinted windows. It’s probably the fastest car I’ve ever been in and honestly, I’ve not yet driven it as it’s a little scary!! But it does look rather nice and I’m sure once we’ve sold the other one, I’ll be tootling around in it in no time. This new car has been timed quite well because the insurance on our old car runs out soon so we were going to look for the best cheap car insurance policies available so instead, we can just look at policies for the Astra!

Magic Lantern Festival

A couple of weeks ago, Paul surprised me with some tickets to the Magic Lantern Festival! We went last year and really enjoyed it so headed back out to Chiswick on Sunday evening. The weather was definitely a lot nicer this time and it was very enjoyable to wander round the gardens whilst looking at all the amazing brightly coloured lanterns. I think it’s still up for a few more days so if you need something a bit different to do in London then I totally recommend.

A low key Valentines

Well actual Valentines day was even more low key as it was spent sitting in a hotel room studying in Southampton. But Paul and I headed out for some pizza on Monday. We took a wandering walk to Putney and had a drink whilst scoffing some sourdough pizza. It was actually my first pizza I’ve had this year!!! Cause of all the healthy eating and stuff, so it was so good to get all that cheesy warm goodness. We swapped cards, I got some flowers and I bought him a mug that said ‘Good Morning Handsome’ and made him a coffee in the morning before I headed off away. A perfect Valentines in my book!

Crime Scene Live

I went to Crime Scene Live at the Natural History Museum on Friday with my sister and it was so fun! It basically involved getting donned in forensic gear and solving a murder that took place in the museum grounds. You know I have quite the true crime addiction, along with being a science nerd so this was right up my street! I’m going to write a whole post on this next week as they have a few evenings coming up and it’s well worth a visit.

A little bit of sewing

I’ve not yet picked a crafty project for this year (I’ve been debating getting the crochet hook back out) but the lovely Claire gave me a little cross stitch pack for my birthday so I’ve been doing a bit of sewing here and there. I finally finished it this week and it’s pretty awesome in my opinion. It will soon live in the glass drinks cupboard so I can always request more gin!

On a totally unrelated note to this post, I’ve been feeling a bit eh about the blog lately. I’ve been writing more than I have been for months which is nice but I’m kind of lacking in direction. My traffic has gone up so much this year, each month is getting better with January being almost double October of last year. But most of my traffic is now coming from Pinterest and Search Engines so my engagement hasn’t risen along with my views. I thought for ages I’d be happy with more traffic but now I miss having all the comments I used to. I’m trying to spend more time on social media and in commenting on lots of other blogs but it’s been hard finding the time. Anyway, there isn’t a question here just wondering your thoughts on keeping engagement up on the blog once you’ve been writing on it for (literally) years.

Let me know whats made you happy this week!

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