JC Travels: Exploring Sydney, Australia

February 5, 2017

After we spent some time in Canberra and had recovered a bit more from the joy of jetlag, it was time for the next part of the trip. It was time to head back to Sydney, have a reunion with some of my best friends and explore the city. Sydney is about 3 hours away from Canberra – journey best done by either driving, or on the hourly coach which we jumped on.

As for this trip back, we had planned to explore Australia which meant that there just wasn’t time to do the jump over to New Zealand. Obviously I was desperate to meet up with all my friends so we decided to do a bit of a reunion for 3 days in Sydney instead which worked perfectly! We ended up booking a big Air BnB which was perfect – meant we could all spend time together and chill out in the evenings so we weren’t relying on booking restaurants. It had been almost 4 years since we’ve all been together, the last time was at my 21st birthday party! There have been a few trips in that time but it was so lovely to see them, always a sign with your best friends that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, within 10 minutes you’ll be giggling like you saw them yesterday.

Luckily, we managed to hit all of the good weather in Sydney – with most days topping out at about 30 degrees. We spent the mornings generally wandering around finding some epic brunch places. I forgot how good the antipodeans do brunch and food – something London is starting on but it still can’t compare. I must have had various forms of avocado on toast every day – either combined with feta, goats cheese, chilli or salmon. Amazing! We wanted to try and make the most of our time in Sydney, so we managed to get up to quite a few things…

Wandering round the Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour

I love the centre of Sydney – with its iconic opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s an awesome place to just have a wander around. You can start at the Rocks near the bridge and then walk down by the Opera House and into the Botanic Gardens. There are restaurants all along the route, but like anywhere, the ones off the tourist trail are usually much better.

The last time I was in Sydney we did a tour of the Opera House and it was really great. The house is somewhere you often see but it’s not often you see the interior which is just as stunning. If you get time in Sydney then I highly recommend booking on a tour or to see a show!

Walking from Coogee to Bondi Beach

We wanted to get out for a walk along the coast and the walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach is ideal. It’s about 7km in total, winding up and down the coast past many spectacular beaches. If you head to Coogee on the bus then the walk is signposted and pretty easy to follow along the path. It was awesome to look out to the crashing sea but do remember that it can get verryyy hot! I somehow managed not to get burnt but I think that was quite the fluke with most of the group getting some form of sunburn.

When we got to Bondi we grabbed some ice cream and sat out on the beach for awhile. There is no shade anywhere on the beach though so it gets very hot. The water is also much colder than you’re expecting it to be! But it’s nice to sit out and watch the surfers out in the waves.

Hitting the Sydney Shops

If you want to get some shopping done in Australia then Sydney is a good place to go! There are quite a few shops over in Aus which we don’t get over here in the UK. I mainly like places like Sportsgirl, Country Road and Forever New but I also think even chains like H+M are better over there. If you start up at the Queens mall then wander down George street you’ll hit pretty much all of the good shops. I managed to pick up quite a few good dresses to bring home for the impending London summer!

Foodie Highlights

As mentioned, a lot of my time in Sydney was spent trying to find awesome places to eat. I thought I’d mention a few of the highlights. We stayed in Alexandria, just outside of the Sydney CBD, the best brunch spots were Meet Gerard and John Smith Specialty Coffee. Also highly recommend The Little Kitchen in Coogee beach. That said, pretty much wherever you are staying, be sure to check online and on instagram for some good cafes near you – there will definitely be some.

What are your Sydney highlights?

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