JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #13

March 8, 2017

March! How is it March?! For real I always find the beginning of the year seems to slip by, mainly as it’s the time of year when not much happens so the weeks seem to just blur one into the next. And the past two weeks have been similar, lots of work, lots of travelling and what feels like lots of rain. Every time I wake up to a blue sky day it makes me oh so happy. I can’t wait for more of them to start appearing once we hit Spring.

I’m about a month away from my next exam too – I’m aiming to do my final one before summer so I can fully relax. So the next month (apart from a sneaky weekend in Berlin) is going to be all about the study! Anyway, onto some of the wonderful bits from the past couple of weeks.

Afternoon Tea in Manchester

I headed up to Manchester with my sister and Callum to see my Grandma for her birthday. I always like a good trip up to Manchester but unfortunately I managed to get a cold the day before and I was feeling rather sorry for myself the whole time! We organised to go out for a nice afternoon tea – disaster almost happened as I booked in to the restaurant at The Lowry Hotel which I thought surely is going to be near the Lowry centre. But no, it is the other side of Salford! Luckily we had plenty of time and jumped back in the car and made it to the hotel successfully.

The afternoon tea itself was really lovely – lots of little sandwiches alongside a warm fresh scone. The sweets were the highlight with a really scrummy lemon meringue pie which went down very well. It’s so nice to go for afternoon tea outside of London and actually have it for a reasonable price. All of the food and lots of tea for £22 – quite the bargain!

Gin Tasting at City of London Distillery

There will be more on this in an upcoming post, but last weekend we headed to the City of London gin distillery! It’s a bar in the city of London that distills their own gin with giant stills behind glass in the back of the establishment. I got a bottle of the gin for my birthday and really enjoyed it so it was awesome to see where it’s all made. As part of the tour you get to do a few tastings of the different types of gin they make which is always enjoyable. I really enjoy trying different types of gins and picking out the different botanicals. I bought a bottle of their Old Tom gin to take home and have been loving it!

Bangarang / Boyarang

On Friday I headed across town to Emmas to hang out with the babes that are bangarang. It’s so lovely to have such a great group of girls in London to hang out with. This time we invited the boys to join us which was a nice change, so Paul came and met the whole gang. We ordered a load of pizza, drank a load of prosecco and just generally had a fabulous evening.

Holiday Planning + Booking

I know that this is the year I’m meant to be travelling less, but you know, I still need to do some travel, right? I’m just trying to keep it a bit cheaper and a little closer to home. We are now thinking we might do a big Cornwall trip in late August / early September as our main holiday so if you have any tips or places to see then please do leave me a comment! I’m also planning a little trip to Jersey with my sister for a long weekend in May so if you’ve been, let me know about that one too.

A good dentists appointment

Oral health is important and if you haven’t been for a check-up in a while, book an appointment with a clinic like Aesthetic Dentistry and they’ll be able to make sure your teeth are in good condition! While I understand that going to the dentist is important, I’ve unfortunately had a few bad trips to the dentist in the past that puts me a little on edge each time I go. It’s funny, I hate going to the dentist but I have friends who actively chose to go so that they can have elective procedures like laser gum depigmentation. I had my doubts when they first told me about the procedure since I already thought they had a beautiful smile, however, once I saw the results I have to admit that they look stunning! I don’t think I’ll be having anything like that anytime soon because I am still too nervous and I was still a little shaky going into the dentists. But, what is better than a dentist’s appointment which doesn’t go wrong?! As friendly as dentists like those in Main Street Dental in Gresham, we as a people have a natural fear of what could possibly go wrong. I was worried about one of my teeth as it’s been feeling a bit sensitive and I was convinced the dentist was going to inform me I needed some horrific dental procedure to fix it. I read the CareDash article on emergency dental in preparation for the pain getting so bad that I needed an emergency appointment, but luckily that was not the case! I have a clean bill of teeth and can head back in 6 months instead. Phew. At least I am now aware of the process of getting an emergency dentist, should I ever need one.

There we have it, do tell me what’s been making you happy in the past couple of weeks!

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