JC Chats: Wonderful Wednesday #14

March 29, 2017

Oh hey, it’s been awhile!! You know when life just gets a bit too busy? Well, that happened and I figured there’s no point in putting up average blog posts – I may as well take a little break. And well, I’m still on the break – I’ve got my exam coming up in a couple of weeks so I want to get that out of the way. But it’s a Sunday afternoon and I need a study break so I thought a little wonderful Wednesday and life update was needed.


We went to Berlin! I booked it for Paul’s birthday a few months ago and it was nice that it was finally time for us to head over. I’ll pop a few more posts up on it in the coming weeks but overall we had a great time. The weather was decidedly average – with a whole lot of rain on our main day of sightseeing. But we didn’t let that dampen our spirits and still managed to see a whole lot, including a Reichstag tour and popping into a few museums. I really like Berlin, it’s an interesting city – and full of good food too.

Bridesmaids and Hen dos

My sisters wedding is coming up so soon – in just a couple of months, so everything is go, go, go! The hen do is at the beginning of April in Bath and is (almost) all organised, then the wedding in May. It’s going to be in France so I’m in a mad rush of making sure I have all of the different outfits needed, bridesmaids dress, shoes, accessories – I always feel like I’m missing something! I’m in the final stages of planning so we went out make up shopping on the weekend (my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick) and am planning a practice spray tan soon – all very exciting.

Spring time!

It finally feels like Spring. What with all the epic blossoms which are sprouting in the streets and park near me, to the clocks finally going forward. I love that it’s like 7.30 when the sun goes down and just makes you feel like you get so much more of a day to get stuff done! I’ll be so glad when this exam is over and done with so I can properly get out there and enjoy it.

Getting out on the bike

In line with the outbreak of Spring, we finally got out on the bikes! My bike has been languishing in the basement for months but it’s just too icy to take it out in the Winter. Paul gave it a spruce up and we took a cycle down the river. I was quite pleased to realise all my strength training over the winter paid off and it wasn’t too strenuous a ride. We don’t have much planned this summer so I’m very much looking forward to lazy cycles on the weekend and sitting in pub gardens.

Epic pizza in Balham

I was invited down to The Honest Italian in Balham* for some pizza last week. I was joined by the lovely Erica and we had a fabulous evening, drinking wine and eating looooads of pizza. We started with the anti pasti platter which was delicious – full of fresh meats and really flavourful marinated veges.

We then jumped onto pizza – I went for the Quattro Staggioni which was full of cheese, ham, mushrooms, capers and anchovies. All of their pizza topping are great – from prawns to goats cheese to squash, they have a heap of different combinations you can have. Nothing worse than a boring pizza and these are far from that! The pizzas themselves are great – thick, chewy crusts and not too oily – just how I like. If you are in Balham or the South West and craving some pizza then be sure to pop down here –  they do take out too which is ideal!

Good podcasts and TV

I don’t think I’ll get chance to do my ‘what to read, watch and listen to’ post this month so I thought I’d pop them into this post instead! 2 for 1 hey. In terms of podcasts I’ve been loving this month:

Wine + Crime

 I’ve not found a comedy crime podcast which I’ve totally gelled with yet, until this one! A team of 3 girls sit around and do what’s on the tin – drink wine and discuss crime. I like the format of their shows, basically covering the topic itself and then each picking a few stories to do with a theme which they found most interesting. A new one for you to try!

Bad with Money

Bad with Money is back for a second season and I’ve been enjoying it so far! The first season focussed a lot on the creative industries, but this one is wider so I’m finding it more applicable. There aren’t enough engaging money podcasts out there, but this is a great option.

And as for TV…

Project Runway

Addicted. Once again. 2 classic seasons of project runway have been added to Netflix, and well I’ve already almost finished both. I hope they add more seasons as it feels good to have a bit more Tim Gunn in my life.

OJ: Made in America

We watched the People vs OJ a few months ago on BBC which is the dramatised version of the OJ trial. We have now started on the OJ: Made in America which is the actual documentary on what happened. It’s long – about 7 hours but SO interesting to get more of a context around what was happening in the world at the time and the impact that had on the trial.

Tell me, what’s made you happy this week? Are you loving the Spring sunshine?

*My meal at The Honest Italian was complimentary but all opinions are my own and I do love me some pizza!

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