JC Travels: 48 hours in Brisbane, Australia

March 15, 2017

By some miracle, I’m at the end of my Australia posts! Which is quite perfect as it’s right in time for my next holiday (Berlin here we come!). But it also makes me pretty sad as we had the BEST time in Australia and it’s a holiday I look back on, oh so fondly. I highly recommend getting an Australia trip on your travel list ASAP!

Our last stop on the Australia holiday, was up the coast from Byron Bay and into Brisbane. We didn’t fancy having to drive the 7ish hours back to Sydney after our Byron Bay break, so figured it was easier to fly out of Brisbane instead. In hindsight, this did make our flights quite a bit more expensive so be sure to weigh that up if you’re planning on flying in and out of different spots. There are plenty of car rental companies, like Andysautorentals.com.au, where you can rent a car and drive rather than fly. However, this does take considerably longer so you need to make sure you take breaks to drive safely.

Brisbane is a bit of a funny one, the city itself is actually really small! It’s somewhere everyone has heard of and wants to visit, but in reality the bits that people want to see are outside of the city – either North to Noosa or down South to the Gold Coast and Byron. So most visitors tend to only use the city itself as a bit of a transport hub, as admittedly we were doing!

But we had 48 hours to fill and I was determined to make the most of it! And it mainly involved a whole lot of walking and shopping. On our first day, we had a wander down to the river where we took in the Brisbane sign (which is oh so much quieter than the Amsterdam one!) and continued down to the man made beach. There are quite a few pools along here too where you could definitely spend some time. We crossed over a bridge further on before wandering through the Botanical Gardens and back into town.

I then got my shop on, which I hadn’t done much since Sydney. That said, I then promptly bought 2 dresses which I’m in love with (Dotti + Forever New are two of my faves). Brisbane is also home to a load of independent book shops which we loved having a long browse in. I forgot how much I love to spend time just looking at books – always reminds me of my childhood as it’s a firm hobby of my parents! Though by this point I definitely had no space in the case for books, but I did get some great inspo to buy later on my Kindle!!

For our final day, we wanted to try and take it easy. We headed to the museum row – there are 2 arts museums, the national library and the science museum. We had a good wander through them – I do enjoy some art every now and again, though the science museum was packed as it was school holidays by this point. It was one of the only days where the weather wasn’t amazing so we spent the afternoon in the cinema before beginning the trauma that was repacking the case.

For our final evening we decided that it was time for a fancy meal out. We went to Aria restaurant – there is one in Sydney and one in Brisbane. It’s run by one of Australia’s celebrity chefs – Matt Moran (if you’re a fan of Aussie masterchef then you will know the one!) and does a whole lot of fish and native Australian ingredients. I had to go down the fish route as the seafood in Australia and NZ just blows the UK out of the water. Juicy scallops for starters followed by a big cut of barramundi – so good! It was the perfect evening to top off an amazing holiday.

Overall, I did enjoy Brisbane – we were pretty laid back with our time here but undoubtedly you could pack a whole lot more in if you wanted to. If you are heading to Queensland and on to a nearby destination then definitely have a night in the city on the way.

Have you been to Brisbane?

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