JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #41

April 11, 2017

How nice has the weather been lately?! The weekend was literally gorgeous. I feel like sunshine really transforms England, it makes everything so much brighter (literally and figuratively!). I just hope it keeps making an appearance, I am keen for a good summer and some hot weather.

I’m sitting here on Sunday evening, it’s been a busy few weeks and the blog will probably keep having a back seat for the next few months. But I figured like with most things, it has peaks and troughs – for now, one or two posts a week. I’ve already for some big ideas when I finish study but they will stay in the back pocket for now. Anyway, onto the happy highlights from life lately!

1 I passed my exam!

Woop, I passed my latest exam on Business Economics. I’ve actually been enjoying studying Economics as it’s been helping me understand all the world events so much more. I’ve only got one more exam now which I’m aiming to do in June. I’m hoping I can then have a study free summer!

2 The Hen Do was a success

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been planning my sisters hen do for awhile and this week was the big weekend! We headed over to Bath and spent the weekend eating a whole lot of good food and drinking some good wine – just what a hen do should be. I think my sister had a good time and now we are on the proper count down to the wedding.

3 Exploring Bath

I’ve been to Bath a few years ago but I was excited to visit again. It is such a beautiful city and with the weather we got, it was even more beautiful! I’m pretty sure my Instagram will be full of Bath shots for a few days to come yet. If I get my blogging act together then I will write a whole post about it.

4 Bagels

I’ve been having a bagel love affair as of late. If I’m being good then I buy the little low cal ones from Sainsburys, but every once in awhile I’ve been having a big one slathered in cream cheese and smoked salmon from Bagel Factory. I just love bread products way too much.

5 A wee bit of shopping

After my exam on Thursday, I had a couple of hours to kill whilst I was in town so I decided to do a bit of retail therapy. I don’t do shopping that much but I managed to find quite a few bits this time so feel quite happy with updating my wardrobe. Especially happy with some sliver flats for the wedding and some beautiful embroidered flats from New Look!

6 New John Frieda hair bits

I got sent a few of the new bits from John Frieda* in their luxurious volume range. I usually don’t pay too much attention to my hair care routine but I’ve been really enjoying these. As someone with very straight and non voluminous hair, it’s been nice to have something which puts a bit of ooph back into it. I’ve enjoyed their blonde range which I try when my hair is looked a bit brassy too!

7 Blossoms

If you can’t tell from my Instagram, I am obsessed with blossoms at the moment! There has been so many gorgeous ones in the streets round by me, I just can’t stop snapping them.

8 Outfit Snaps

I’ve been trying to branch out a little bit more with my shots and do some more outfit snaps. I’ll never be the most exciting or fashionable blogger but I think it’s nice to mix up my photos with some actual people in them every now and again!

9 Visiting The Diner Islington with the girls

After my exam and shopping spree, I headed to Islington to go to the launch of the new branch of The Diner*. I’ve done a whole review of The Diner but it was awesome to go back to eat ALL OF THE FOOD. Seriously, I’m probably still nursing the food baby from it. I tried one of their hot dogs for the first time and I reeeeally enjoyed it. Slathered in cheese, sour cream and mustard on top it was ideal. I rate their margaritas too!

10 Getting my Brows done

Am I the only one who hates getting their brows done?! I’ve always gone with the whole, oh my fringe covers them excuse, but I figured for the wedding I would suck it up and get it done. I went to the Benefit Brow Bar to get them waxed and it was actually really good.

The girl was so shocked to get someone whose eyebrows hadn’t been touched in literally years that she took photos through the whole process! I’ve had them threaded previously and it was SO painful, but I found waxing so much easier. I did not weep and would actually consider getting them done again.

So tell me some of your happy moments from the past couple weeks!

*These were complimentary but all lovely opinions are my own!!

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