JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #42 (+ a Little Announcement!)

April 25, 2017

I feel as though this year is going by in the blink of an eye! Which is equal parts good and terrifying. That said, I actually have barely any concrete plans after the wedding in May, it’s taking over everyone’s lives! I’m off to Jersey for the long weekend, I have all my fingers crossed for good weather. If you have any Jersey recommendations then please let me know.

1 I’m starting a newsletter! 

Yeah I told you it was a little announcement but one that I hope will be very exciting. I have big plans for the next year when it comes to the blog and to work in general. If you’ve been wondering where my blogging / tech posts have gone then you are along the right lines! I envisage this newsletter to focus more on the blogging side of life but I also want to use it to document the start of a (hopefully) exciting journey ahead. So if you want tips, tricks and a little outpouring of my soul once every few weeks then please subscribe. You can use the little widget on the left or simply follow this link.

2 Mini golfing at Swingers

The long weekend for Easter was just glorious right? We headed out to Swingers on the Saturday night to celebrate Callums birthday and had a total blast! It’s basically mini golf with bars and food and everything you need for a good evening. It was busy, but not too busy, I ate a hot dog. I did lose said mini golf, but I had two Moscow Mules so I didn’t mind so much.

3 Getting all the life / blog admin sorted

At first it was a bit odd to consider that I had time off work in which I wasn’t actually going away somewhere. I don’t think that’s happened for yeeeears. I took the opportunity to try and get some life / blog admin sorted and I feel much better for it (+started my newsletter woo).

4 Trying Longflint cocktails

I headed with Erica to Sourced Market last week to try some Longflint cocktails! They make fancy, natural cocktails, think like Smirnoff Ice but way nicer. They all tasted really good, with their rhubarb and vodka fizz being quite the highlight for me. I’ve been cutting back on wine lately as it tends to make me feel rubbish, so this is just what I need for when I’m out and about.

5 Franco Manca + Tooting market

Yummmm, why have I not been to Franco Manca in forever?! I think I had an average pizza once and then didn’t go back for months. But I met up with Katy and ended up having one of the best pizzas I’ve had for aaaages. I actually ate the whole pizza which pretty much never happens. We explored Tooting market after too – I don’t explore Tooting enough, it is a bit of London which I rather enjoy.

6 Day trips to the country

What with all the admin, food and drink on Easter, I had to use one of the days to get out of London! So we went on a little day trip to Hinton Ampner down near Winchester. It was an awesome house to visit and has some stunning gardens which were all in fresh bloom. We found a little country pub nearby and I had a steak pie and it was pretty glorious.

7 Tiny packets of mini chocolate fingers

I’m obsessed with miniatures of most foods, when I found a tiny bag of mini chocolate fingers at the petrol station it literally was a highlight of my week. Chocolate fingers are definitely up there with one of my fave biscuits #fact.

8 Pinterest

I go on and off with Pinterest, sometimes I can’t stop pinning then I’ll go months without opening the app. I’ve been using it a bit more consistently at the moment. I’ve been pinning loads of food, travel inspo and blogging tips so if you are into that then be sure to follow my pinterest! 

9 Holiday planning

Although I don’t have any concrete plans I’ve started thinking about some hols and planning out when to take my annual leave. If you have any suggestions of warm holidays in Europe then do let me know!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed this week include:

Chloe has been on her honeymoon and I’ve been loving her glorious Caribbean Cruise Posts

Charlies post on 5 things to know before flying with a budget airline are essentials for all travellers

The Mayfairys no bullshit guide to menstrual cups was super interesting!

There we have it. Tell me, what’s made you happy this week?

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