JC Chats: Living life out of hotels

April 18, 2017

Before the past couple of years, staying in a hotel was rather the treat. A giant bed which seemingly makes itself, finding the little biscuits to snack on, and being able to make the most of the cool air that their HVAC systems were producing, (something that all systems should be doing according to a ac replacement in indianapolis company) and not forgetting waking up somewhere new and far from home. But since then, hotels have now become part of weekly life.

As part of being a consultant, it generally means that you’re expected to work with the client you are consulting for at their offices. And well, if that happens to be anywhere that isn’t commutable from home, then welcome to hotel life.

So for the past year, I’ve bundled myself into the car, or heaved a suitcase onto the train and stayed in hotel after hotel. Sometimes just for one night a week, sometimes 2, maybe even 3. Week after week. And well, when you live out of hotels that often, some things become pretty apparent.

1 You will always forget something.

Always. It doesn’t matter how prepared I am with double of pretty much every toiletry and always making sure I pack the evening before. Something will always be forgotten. This week was my hairbrush, last week was PJs. This will then always end in having to do some form of urgent shopping and then having too many of one thing. The amount of floss sticks I’ve bought lately is excessive.

2 Room service generally turns out average and you get crumbs everywhere.

Room service seems dreamy – delish food brought straight to your room. However, the reality is never as good as it seems. The food is usually a bit average, and there is never anywhere good to eat it. It always feels odd to sit at the little desk so you end up sitting on the bed, then crumbs go everywhere. Never the dream you imagine!

3 Resisting the breakfast buffet is a daily struggle.

You see, when you’re only in hotels every now and again, the breakfast buffet is the best place to be. Piling the plate high and having everything you want to fuel you through the day. However, you just can’t do that every week if you don’t want to pile on the pounds. So, every morning is now a struggle – do you jump on the mini muffins? Or stay on the fruit? I’m generally pretty good at the moment, but the hash browns do call to me every now and again.

4 Hotel staff are pretty awesome.

You know you stay away too much when the hotel staff now start to recognise you every week. But honestly, I feel like working in a hotel can be quite the stress, they are usually great and make staying away just a little bit easier.

5 It’s generally pretty hard to sleep.

I used to be good at hotel sleeping. Lately I’ve become useless. There is always some tiny red light in the room, loud air conditioning or rubbish curtains. I know I just complained about loud air conditioning but I remember one time, I visited a hotel that didn’t have any A/C. Well, they did, but it wasn’t working properly. I went to complain so they called an Air Conditioning Repair guy out and he managed to fix it. I still slept badly though! And don’t get me started on the rooms which don’t have plug sockets by the bed so I have to cross a cavernous room just to turn off an alarm. Hotel beds can be comfy but they will just never be the same as actually sleeping in your own lovely bedroom.

6 Coming home again is just oh so sweet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be at home all the time. But coming home after being away is just the best feeling. Finally being able to see Paul and sleep in my own bed is just glorious. And you appreciate it all the more when you’ve been away for a few days.

I know living out of hotels won’t be forever, so despite all the negatives, that’s just part of life at the moment in order to get the opportunities through my career. I just hope one day that I’ll go back to being excited about hotel life!

What are your thoughts on hotel living?

PS these snaps are out the window of a pretty impressive hotel. If only all of them were like this hey!

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