JC Travels: How much do you actually need to move overseas?

April 29, 2017

When I get chatting to people about all the moving about I’ve done, I get asked this question all the time! Moving overseas is one of the best things I’ve ever done and it is such a valuable experience. People always note to me how they would love the new experiences a different country offers. However, the one thing holding them back is actually being able to afford it.

Even those in America say that moving to a new state is difficult enough as it is, let alone a new country. Yes, there are means to make the experience easier, such as a moving company like MC Movers to move your belongings or a storage unit to keep your belongings somewhere before you move in, but the cost is always a major concern, especially for young people.

I know quite a few people who live in America that have made the decision to move to another state, and having enough money is only one of the problems. For my friend, she has always dreamt about moving to California. I mean, who wouldn’t? The sunshine, the beaches, and the popular place that it is will be enough temptation for anyone to make the move. But she had one problem. Finding a home that will be the perfect place for her to start a family and to make a life for herself there proved harder than she first thought. It was a good job that she came across these Rancho Palos Verdes homes for sale with realtors like Maureen Megowan though, as she was slowly starting to give up on her dream before it had even started. And what’s better is that the homes for sale are beautiful and they will definitely make her a very happy lady. But even making the decision to move state or overseas is never an easy one, regardless of your age.

Now, let’s look at when I moved to the UK. Really, there probably was not enough thought and planning put into it decision! I had just about finished Uni and wrapped up all my exams, my family had left New Zealand and I was feeling lost with what to do next in life. It didn’t make sense to stay in Wellington and at that point I was just thinking of taking a year out to travel before returning back down under to continue with Uni.

So one day, I wandered down to book some flights, one way via Australia, America and then landing in Manchester right before Christmas. I had no job, one biology degree and a huge need to travel. Oh, and a tiny bit of savings.
Throughout Uni I ended up working quite a bit and all of it went into savings for my travels. I was lucky in that I knew in the UK I could live with my Grandparents for as long as I would need, so if I needed to save money whilst looking for a job then I would have a stop gap. I had enough money to fund a couple of months of budget travel and then to support me for a month in London whilst I looked for work. Another thing to consider when moving abroad is how you are going to get your belongings to your new place. Many people opt to ship items, then they will hire a Hackney man and van, or something similar to collect the shipment at the other end to take it to their new address as it can often be more budget-friendly than having a courier service take it all the way. When you’re first starting out in a new place, budgeting is SO important, every penny saved counts.

And to be honest, it was hard! I burnt through my savings really quickly, as um, did you know London was expensive?! I was aware before I moved, but it didn’t really hit home until I realised that finding a flat for £500 pounds a month is pretty much impossible.

Netfights dropped me a line recently to let me know that they have launched a Cost of Living calculator for living overseas. Oh how I wish I could have used this before I moved! Basically you pop in some details about your lifestyle, (how many bedrooms you want to live in, how many times you go the cinema, how much you spend on clothes etc.) in the UK, then it translates that into how much it would cost you in 7 other countries. It then does a handy comparison as to where you would be able to live in the same way but for less!

So basically, it’s time for me to move to Dubai! As with my spending habits I’d be able to get the same for less AND it even tells me that it would take up a smaller % of my average paycheck too. I have actually considered moving out to Dubai, all of the sunshine? Yes, please! I’ve been loving seeing Lily’s snaps out there at the moment too.

So what should you do if you are thinking of making the big move? Well, use the little handy calculator and get planning. It will of course depend on where you’re planning on moving too – expenses vary so much country to country.

I recommend looking up average rents in cities and plan enough to have cover if you aren’t working when you get out there for a set period of time, ideally 2-3 months. Always nice to have a bit more as undoubtedly, you are in a new country and you will want to go out and spend all your money straight away! On top of this, you need to make sure you look for the best credit cards for building credit for that country because you will arrive with no credit score to your name. If you want to live there permanently, you need to make sure you have credit because you’ll be struggling to afford a mortgage or get loans otherwise.

Overall, you should move to a new country because you want to, not just because of the money. And don’t let it hold you back! As long as there is enough planning and you have some time to save then you can make any move happen.

Where have you thought of moving to? Does the cost of moving ever put you off?

*Post written in collaboration with Netflights, but all thoughts my own, as always!

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