JC Travels: The Best Places to see Space… on Earth!

April 1, 2017

One thing you may not know about me is my love of that giant thing we call Space. From looking up to the stars, seeing different planets, hearing Tim Peake speak to even seeing a rocket launching in Florida, I can’t get enough. And well, when Netflights launched their new service of flights off into Space including the moon, it was pretty exciting. But you know, space is pretty far away and rather hard to get to, so I decided to share a list of places you can visit on Earth, to give you a little taster of what you can expect to see on those planets, in a galaxy far, far away…

Bubbling Mud + Geysers – Rotorua, New Zealand

I could probably put New Zealand on here a whole load of times as the rough, natural landscape which covers the country is pretty much untouched. This puts it as close to what the planet looked like way back in time as you’re going to get! One of the best spots is Rotorua in New Zealand where it’s got a heap of thermal wonders. I’m thinking now of the planets that are getting closer to the sun, you’re bound to see a lot of bubbling mud and giant geysers spurting into the air. Rotorua has definitely been one of those spots where you can’t believe how powerful nature is – one to add to everyone’s bucket list!

Giant Glaciers – Franz Josef / Iceland

As we know, space is pretty cold. Especially those moons off in the far distance. Well you can get a wee taste of that here on little old Earth through some giant glaciers. The only one I’ve visited (so far) is Franz Josef on the West coast of the South island in New Zealand. It’s crazy to see a giant lump of ice in between two big mountains, and getting to climb and walk on one is an amazing experience. A little bit closer to home is, of course, Iceland! Even though I’m yet to visit it is firmly on my bucket list, so many shots of it look out of this world!

Expansive Deserts – Death Valley / Outback, Australia

From ice to heat, we’re moving a little closer to the sun this time and in the business of deserts. From huge sweeping dunes, to a giant red expanse, there is quite the diversity here. When I was younger we drove through Death Valley (often one of the hottest places on Earth) and the wasteland surrounding you is totally surreal. It’s hard for anything to survive out there. One you have to experience to understand the unbearable heat!

To the other side of the world and one of the biggest deserts, of course, the Outback. We have ventured into the Outback many times but the best way to get the real feel for it is by flying over the top. It’s crazy to understand just how long it lasts for, from right near the coast, through to Uluru and back to the Coast – it’s a giant red landscape below you and it definitely makes me feel like I could be on another planet! (Maybe Mars, right?!).

Sparking stars and planets – National Light Reserves, Wales / Gran Canaria

Okay this is a little bit of sneaky one, but there are some places on Earth which are just the best for looking into space. When we were in Gran Canaria we went on an astronomy tour and it was amazing! As it is in a very isolated area with very little light pollution, it’s a national light reserve where you can see everything. From planets, to far away Galaxies, to the little international space station passing across the sky. There’s also a light reserve in Wales near the Breacon Beacons and I would love to visit and do some star gazing.

Giant peaks – US National Park / Alps

I can’t do a list like this and not mention some epic mountains. We do have some great ones on Earth, but Mars does beat us by quite a margin (double Mount Everest!!). My favourite moutains were seen in the National Park when we were travelling through America. I do really want to explore more of the Alps though (and hopefully we will this summer). The Himalayas are firmly on the list too for some out of this world height, I’ve flown near there before and they look absolutely breath taking!

So have I whetted your appetite for a quick trip to Space? Well you’re in luck! Netflights has launched the TS48 spacecraft which is operating out of a top secret location in the Lake District. To become a pioneer of the Netflights.space above and beyond earth flights, you can register your interest here:¬†https://www.netflights.com/blog/space/.

Where do you fancy visiting in space?

*This post was written in collaboration with Netflights, but all space loving is my own!

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