JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #43

May 12, 2017

I’m writing this in the calm before the storm, my parents fly in from Australia today, then everything turns into operation wedding!! We are all in London for a few days which is now getting full with restaurant bookings, afternoon teas and the like, before we jet off to France.

My sister gets married on the Saturday but we have a few days after to hang out with the family and explore a bit more of the area. Although I’ve done a few parts of France I’m yet to do Bordeaux and the surrounds so I’m excited to do a bit more exploring. We’ve then got 4 days off work in London after which will mainly be recovering!!

This has meant the past couple of weeks have mainly been full of work, study and getting ill. I am glad it happened before the big events but still, getting ill is not fun. I basically had to spend 3 days just collapsed in bed watching an extortionate amount of Netflix. It sounds fun, but man, after half a day I was bored!! Anyway, there were a few actual happy things from the past couple of weeks:

1 We went to Jersey! There will be a couple more blog posts up soon but my sister and I headed off to Jersey for the May bank holiday. I didn’t really know much about the Channel Islands prior to this trip and I really enjoyed myself. It is a beautiful little island and it was so nice to get out of the city – with only a 35 minute flight too! We managed to catch a bit of sun but it was definitely an expensive trip, Jersey isn’t a budget destination!

2 I went indoor skydiving. I’ve chatted about this more in this post, but I had such a great time indoor skydiving! It wasn’t something I’ve ever thought to do before but definitely a much better option than actual skydiving for me. I got to do some proper flying in the wind tunnel and although I was definitely not the most graceful of flyers, I had an awesome time.

3 Wine + Cheese tasting at Divino in Vino. On a windy Monday evening I joined a group of loooovely bloggers to go wine tasting*! (Can I please do this every Monday? Thaaanks!). We went to a little restaurant called Pidgin in Dalston where the lovely Sylvia introduced us to some indigenous wines from across Europe.

I really enjoyed pretty much all of the wines we tried – including a couple of slightly different ones from Austria and Turkey where I don’t often pick up wine from. We learnt all about the grapes and how the wines are made which was really interesting. We also had a few different cheeses to nibble on alongside too. It was such a great evening, I highly recommend booking onto one of their events, I will definitely be going back!

4 New bedding. When I moved in with Paul, he had a load of bedding and obviously I didn’t drag much across with me from Australia aside from my bamboo sheets. Click here to see some amazing bamboo sheet sets – they are super comfortable and look gorgeous! But as typical boy bedding is, it was mainly dark and grey or plain. So I decided after seeing some snaps on twitter to take a little trip to Asda and pick up some new bedding! I got some with sleepy llamas on it and a big set full of leaves and birds. I love them both, there is nothing like some new bedding to help you feel better! If you want your bedding to fit in with a specific scheme in your bedroom decor, you could always check out somewhere like VisionBedding or similar that categorizes bedding by decor style which is super helpful.

5 Tapas at Camino. Is there much better than tapas?! I think not. I went and met one of my kiwi friends for a Saturday night full of giant gin and tonics and all of the tapas I could handle. The jamon croquettes? I could probably eat them for every meal!

6 Date nights. It’s so easy to get stuck into routine, what with me travelling a heap at the moment. So Paul and I are recommitting to exciting date nights! We decided to mix up our burger routine and head to Dip and Flip in Tooting and it was soooo good. Dipping a burger in gravy? Genius! I’ve booked a little surprise date night for a couple of weeks away and I’m excited already!

7 Walking. Now the weather is starting to get a tiny bit warmer, I’ve dug the fitbit back out and am determined to get my walk on!

8 New skincare from The Ordinary. As every blogger ever has been saying, I recently picked up a few products from The Ordinary and I really like them! As we know, I do love a bit of science so with these based on the plain science they are right up my street. I really like the hyaluronic acid and the natural moisturising factors which have been a great little night time combo. Plus they are actually SO cheap, so it’s worth giving them a go and see what happens!

9 Newsletters + ponderings. Yep, still gonna plug the newsletter!! I have so many exciting plans and things I want to do with the blog, but I really want some people to send my ramblings too before it launches so do give it a sign up. There haven’t been any as yet, but once this exam is finished in a few weeks, it is all systems go!!

10 Posts I’ve enjoyed lately:

There we have it, tell me whats been making you happy this week? If you haven’t had a good week, why? Has anxiety been filling you up? If so, have you check out alternative medicine to help you? It might be best if you click here to read more about this and set yourself off on a positive path. If you do decide to go down this pathway, you will need to discuss your options with a medical professional first, they can then direct you to see about how to get a medical card in Utah, or in any other state that allows marijuana, CBD, etc. use.

*My wine tasting was complimentary, but my love of wine is as true as always!

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