JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #44

May 29, 2017

Hands up whose been a useless blogger lately? Mine is firmly in the air. Weeks without posting then I managed to publish 2 unfinished posts within a week. My brain is definitely not in the game. But you’ll have to forgive me as life has just been so busy lately! And to be honest, as I’ve mentioned I have some really exciting plans for the blog which I can’t wait to get started on, but I need to get this darn study out of the way first. I’ve got my final exam in mid June and then my Certificate will complete and I’ll finally be free!

But alongside study, lots of exciting things have been happening! All of the family has arrived en masse in London before we all headed off to the South of France for my sisters wedding. Planning a wedding is exhausting and stressful, and there are so many variables you need to sort out to bring such an event together. From the Wedding venue to getting the bridal dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses – from somewhere like WWW.WINNIECOUTURE.COM/STORES/WEDDING-DRESSES-CHICAGO-IL/ -, there is a lot to do, and it keeps you extra busy. There will definitely be more posts on this when I get my act together but we had suuuuch a fabulous week, really could not have asked for better! Here’s a little round up of the happy highlights:

1 My sister got married! Of course this has to be number one right? She got married in a Chateau about an hour outside of Bordeaux (that one up there) and it all went swimmingly. We spent 3 nights in the Chateau and it was full of eating, drinking lots of wine and general merriment. The weather even managed to behave itself just in time for the wedding and for the rest of the week. I think everyone was really pleased with how well the wedding went! So much planning had gone into it. I remember one evening when we were looking at wedding statistics from Larsen’s and my sister was just panicking because there was so much that we had to do. I think we did it all amazingly though.

2 All of the food and wine. I’ve definitely put on about 7000lbs whilst away, but you know, totally worth it for the occasion. We had amazing food whilst we were away and let’s not forget the wine. I usually drink New World wines so it was lovely to learn more about French wines and visit a fair few vineyards. Our alcohol cupboard is looking pretty full right now.

3 Afternoon tea at County Hall. We had a little Bridal Shower for all the female members of the families when they all arrived in London as many couldn’t come to the Hen Do. We headed to County Hall and had a faaaabulous afternoon tea in the library. The prosecco was free flowing and all the tiny cakes were consumed. It’s actually an Afternoon Tea I’d really recommend as it’s suitable fancy without the big price tag of Claridges etc!

4 The Legal bit. As a British citizen, it’s actually really hard to get married legally in France, so my Sister had to do the little Legal ceremony in the UK beforehand! It was an awesome experience, in a little library in Mayfair with all of the family. I did a little reading and we went out for an epic meal at May the Fifteenth afterwards. (Told you it’s been two weeks of all food!).

5 Suuuuunshine! How can I not mention the epic weather we’ve had? Not only was it glorious and hot in France, but it’s been just as lovely in London too. It’s been so nice to have a few days to bask in warmth.

6 Blog Reading. I switched my blog reading from Bloglovin to Feedly and I looove it. It’s made me want to get back into reading blogs, especially with the app being so much easier to use. I’ve created a load of lists and it makes it much easier to digest content from a heap of my favourite blogs!

7 Avoiding Brunch Queues. Often my annual leave is always spent jetting outside of London and finding somewhere new so it was so nice to get Friday off work and in London! I made the most of it by finally going to Milk in Balham. Whenever I wander past milk the queues are always stupidly long on the weekend, and I just refuse to queue. So it was lovely to wander in and have brunch with no queues!

8 Goals Journal. I’ve been reading The Happiness Project lately and been really enjoying it. It inspired me to go and buy a little goals journal and focus on my goals a lot more. I picked up a little one from Kikki K and I will report back on how it goes!

9 Escape Rooms. We all know by now that I love an escape room, well we did the AI Escape Room in Bermondsey on Friday and had an awesome time! Everything is automated and it was the first room I’ve done which was linear, this meant the whole team actually had to work on each puzzle rather than running off everywhere. My friend told me that there are also some great options for escape rooms at escape room Jacksonville so maybe I will check them out at some point. We got out with 11 minutes to spare so safe to say we are becoming escape room pros!! Escape Rooms are a great way to bond with friends, and family, if you are interested in trying out the adventure that is an escape room, you search: escape room near me for your local experience and have fun!

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Tell me, what’s been making you happy lately?

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