JC Chats: 8 things I’ve stopped apologising for

May 4, 2017

I was recently inspired by this post on Me & Orla about the things that she has finally forgiven herself for and it got me thinking. As you get older, it definitely becomes easier to stop caring what other people think. I’m quite good in general of not giving into social pressure, but I know there were still a few areas where I go… “oh sorry, I’m not going to do xxxx” and these are the areas which I’ve definitely stopped apologising for.

1 Needing a whole lot of sleep (and being good at it). I literally could sleep for days. I know most people need 7-8 hours but that is not me. I probably need 9 hours a night to not feel tired and have consistent energy through the day. I do wish I was one of those people who could get away with 5, but no, I need lots of sleep, I will organise my life around that and I’m not sorry about it!

2 Not wanting to stay out late. This one kind of links into the one above. I do like to go home early because I want to sleep, however, I generally don’t get the whole ‘come home at 3am’ thing. Even when I was a teenager, it just didn’t happen. I get tired and in general, people just get more drunk and annoying and nothing good ever really happens. I’ve seen so many people have a number of drinks and then proceed to drive themselves home. People seem to make dangerous decisions when they’re under the influence of alcohol, so I tend to avoid it. When people do drive after drinking, they are putting so many other people at risk. If anyone has been affected by a drunk driver, it might be worth getting in touch with a DUI attorney. People should not drink and drive. It’s so dangerous. So yes, I am always the one who leaves before midnight and long may it continue.

3 Being a wee bit messy. I think because of my general personality, people must think I am super clean. I am really organised when it comes to work and life and blog, but when it comes to the house. Not so much. I justify it as that I’m generally busy doing other stuff. Even as I sit here there is washing to be put away, wrapping paper tools that need sorting, a little pile of papers that need organising and let’s be honest, none will happen this evening. That’s just how life is. I blame having a super tidy mother and grandmother…

4 Never doing shots. I don’t do shots. Period. Not ‘just one’, not a weird mix, nothing. I really don’t like binge drinking and to me, there is no point in doing a shot. I did one shot recently at my sisters hen do which must have been my first one in years, and it reminded me, this is why I don’t do shots. It hurts my insides then makes my head spin and just everything I don’t need in life.

5 Not wearing make up. A bit of an odd one but I’ve found in the past that I’m quite partial to apologising for my bare face. I do still wear make up for most of the week, but when I’m not, that’s my choice and no I’m not tired, that is just my face…

6 Not doing flatlays. I’ve tried. In many ways I am not the ultimate blogger. I know all the things that I should do in order to grow all of the social, but most of the time I just can’t be bothered. And flatlays is one of them. I used to apologise for my empty instagram feed and the obvious lack of them on the blog. I find them pretty dull now to be honest, unless it’s something radically different or features some kind of delicious food then it just isn’t for me.

7 For not really wanting children. Maybe one day I’ll do a big post on this, but for now I will keep it brief. As most people in my life know, I just don’t really want children. Most peoples reactions is pretty frustrating and I end up apologising for not meeting their certain expectations in life. But you know, no more apologies – my life, my decision!

8 Being ambitious. I’ve become really obsessed with those Myers-Briggs personality tests lately, but for an actual reason. I have done them a few times and pretty much always get the same result – ENTJ. Now for a long time, I apologised for a lot of the features that the ENTJ is known for – being generally outspoken and ambitious. However, lately I’ve come to the realisation that these features aren’t going to change. So yes, that is me and my personality and I will stop apologising for it! (Side note, if you haven’t done one of these tests then definitely do, I find them so scarily accurate for 95% of people!).

Now tell me, what have you finally stopped apologising for in your life?

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