JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #45

June 16, 2017

Oh my gosh, actually blogging?! What must that mean – that I’ve finally finished my studying!! It’s been a long hard year but it’s nice to have all of my free time finally back. I’m very much looking forward to my first weekend in a long time where I’ve not had studying hanging over my head.

And that means it’s finally time to start on my big blogging plans! Be sure to sign up to my newsletter to get some sneak peeks! Now, onto some happy highlights from the last few weeks.

1 I finished study!! Yes, finally after a whole year I have my Certificate in Business Finance. It’s been so hard to balance study along with work but I’m glad I did it as it feels like a big achievement to successfully finish something whilst working full time. My knowledge base has expanded that much that I can now recommend the best banks for small business in florida to my friend who has recently decided to start her own company, as she’s already said that she needs a helping hand with her finances. Well, now that I have my qualification, she may even decide to hire me! But to be honest, I have other things on my mind. I have learned so much while studying and, to be honest, now I have this qualification, I am finally ready to get the ball rolling with my own online business. Ideally, I would like to set up my own e-commerce store. One of my friends has recently set up an online store for her business that accepts payments from European and UK customers thanks to some amazing financial technology from QPay Europe so I am going to ask her for some advice. Watch this space!

2 Going to Dinner by Heston. My parents were in London last week before they headed back to Australia after visiting for the wedding. We wanted to go out for a nice fancy farewell meal so headed to Dinner by Heston over in Knightsbridge. I have been to The Hinds Head a couple of years ago so it was nice to try another of his offerings. I finally got to try some of the meat fruit and it was probably the best pate I’ve ever had! Totally recommend if you need a nice fancy meal.

3 Lovely peonies. I finally bought some peonies which actually opened! This never happens, I always buy ones that seem to stay as buds. These have been totally useful and I will definitely keep buying them.

4 Orange is the New Black. I’ve been hooked to the new season! I haven’t been able to binge it this time around so I’ve still got a few episodes to go but it’s one of those rare series which seems to just get better as it goes along.

5 Liverpool. I headed up North for a weekend to spend some time with the parents and grandparents and we took a day trip to Liverpool. I really enjoyed visiting for a second time – I got to hit up some of the places I enjoyed last time like the Maritime Museum and Leaf. But we also headed to the British Music Experience this time which was really good – so interesting to hear all the British music through the years.

6 Heading to the Globe. It was time for the yearly trip to the Globe, this time to see Romeo and Juliet. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve seen the play a few times before but I loved how the Globe handled it. They put some really good spins on the story and I highly recommend going down to see it.

7 Noise cancelling headphones. I recently lost my little earbud headphones (annoying) but it’s meant I’ve been using my big Bose noise cancelling headphones way more and I’ve been loving them! If you want to learn a bit more about the best noise cancelling headphones on the market, follow this Link to learn more! It’s so nice to be able to still hear my podcast when on the tube or train, plus I’m sure it’s better for my ears. My friend told me that he liked to put his Bose noise cancelling headphones through some of Graham Slee’s HiFi equipment (https://www.hifisystemcomponents.com) to explore the limits of these headphones! He tells me they held up well.

8 Sunshine. The weather has finally been cooperating and I’ve been loving sitting out in the sunshine in the evenings and hopefully this weekend!

9 Finally booking some holidays. I’m off to Cornwall next weekend with the girls which I’m super excited about. We then booked a little trip to Switzerland next month which I’m really looking forward to – another new country to go and explore!

10 Blogs I’ve enjoyed lately:

Tell me, whats been making you happy lately?

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