JC Chats: Embracing Techy Travels

June 19, 2017

I remember when I went to book my first big trip overseas. I spent weeks planning, I got a whole heap of brochures and spent ages folding down the edge of pages, before heading down to a Travel Agents and booking my flights in person! This seems like such a novelty now, what with technology invading all parts of our lives. I’ve been working in tech for almost 3 years now and love nothing more than seeing how it’s evolving all around my favourite of hobbies – travel. From flights, to hotels to sightseeing, there are fancy new things which you should be sure to be using!


Booking flights and actually being able to find cheap flights is one of the biggest perks of all the travel tech development recently. I’ve becoming obsessed with the new skyscanner tools, not only can you compare against prices of flights throughout the whole month, but you can look for the cheapest overall destinations. This has been rather handy when trying to get some cheap weekend breaks booked! To find yourself cheap flights for your destinations, checking out websites like Finnair lennot to compare cheap flight fares.

I even recently managed to get my Grandma converted onto flight tracking apps. She found a cheap flight factory flight to johannesburg and she was really happy with it. I’ve been working with planes for quite some time now and have actually spent a lot of my working life either watching planes take off, or watching them on a radar screen.

It’s quite nice now to actually have a fancy app which shows you exactly where your plane is – the Easyjet app is especially good for this as you can see your plane often winging its way over to you on the app before it arrives. The flight tracker app is good too, even if just to see where the plane overhead is off to and do some daydreaming that you could be on it too!


Not only is it now possible to book a hotel in about 3 seconds flat, but new tech means you get total bargains too. I’ve been such a fan of lastminute.com which scans hotels and if they know that the hotel may be quiet or empty that night then offers quite the bargains. I also use hotels.com all the time as you get every 9th night free across every different type of hotel.

Hotels themselves are also getting super techy! Citizen M are becoming renowned not only for their self check in portals but also for their fancy ipads which control pretty much everything in your room. From being able to pick whats on TV, turning the lights into different configurations, setting alarms and sorting out your blinds, it’s all on there. Pretty much soon to convince me that I need to get all of that set up at home!


Then when you finally get to your holiday destination, the range of things to do has just expanded. Not only is it much easier to find the little gems through things like blogs (like this one!) but Tripadvisor is now a treasure trove of detailed information about pretty much everywhere you can visit.

Not only before you go but when you’re there – I recently did a trip through London where they texted you a clue at every stop to guide you to the next place, such an interesting way to see a city which I never seem to find the bottom of! Plus, almost every city now has it’s own app, audio guide or other techy software to make it even easier to explore all the hidden corners. Definitely always have a search on the app store before you head to a new place.

Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration to search out all the new tech on your next trip. The way things are developing there will be a whole new range of things to do before you know it, it’s getting to the point where you can’t avoid the tech on holiday – so time to embrace it!

What your fave tech thing to use when planning or out on your holidays?

*Post written in collaboration with Citizen M.

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