JC Chats: What to watch, read + listen to – June 2017

June 4, 2017

It’s been a good month of things to watch, read and listen to! Mainly because I was on holiday, and holidays always mean lots more time to relax. Though of course, as soon as I went on holiday I managed to lose my kindle on the plane! Nightmare really as I pretty much use it exclusively for reading now in an attempt to keep my bag light. It has been getting old though, so who knows, maybe in time for next month I’ll have a new shiny kindle…


The Keepers

Any kind of doco series on Netflix will get me interested and the Keepers is no exception. It’s a series of 7 episodes which cover the unsolved murder in the 1970s of a Nun in Baltimore. As you keep watching it soon starts to expose the case of abuse within the Church and schools in the city.

It’s obviously not a light topic but one which is really interesting, and sad, to watch. It has a similar unsolved / injustice vibe as Making a Murderer and is full of lots of very adorable old ladies who are doing their own investigations. If you like a crime documentary then definitely give it a go.

The Handmaid’s Tale

I may have only seen one episode so far but it was SO good. Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, it covers a dystopian future world where many women are barren and so some are taken as ‘handmaidens’ in order to have children for the elite ruling class.

I studied the book at school and it was super interesting and such a horrific story. I’ve loved the graphical representation which just stays so true to how I imagined it. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season which I bet will live up to my expectations from what I’ve heard! It’s currently on Sunday nights on Channel 4 in the UK.


The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin

I’m actually really bad at reading non fiction books, I find I always end up taking aaaages to read them. But this one was different! Rebecca recommended it to me and I really enjoyed it. The premise is that you don’t need a big drastic change in life in order to be happy, sometimes it’s just making conscious small changes in day to day life which do the trick.

This really resonated with me as even though so many things in my life are totally awesome, I’m naturally a bit of a cynic and definitely not as happy as I could be. In the book she tackles a different area each month from relationships to hobbies to work. I got a heap of good ideas from it and it’s really inspired me to think about my goals and those little things to make life happier.


The Debrief Podcast

If you’re a fan of chatty podcasts where you feel like you’re talking to some pals then this is the one! The two hosts tackle a different topic each week but they always manage to make me giggle – the poocast was a real highlight. It’s the kind of podcast that makes you feel better about the fact that you have no real idea of how to adult…

At Home With…

I’ve been watching Lily and Anna on youtube for aaaages and really enjoy their authenticity. They’ve made the jump into podcasts and I’ve been enjoying them! Each week they go and interview someone within their home, so far the guests have been really interesting – bloggers and people in the beauty industry.


I thought I’d include a couple of apps this month as I’ve been enjoying discovering a couple of new ones.


I mentioned feedly in my last happy things post but I wanted to mention the app – mainly as it’s one of the only apps I’ve found which really makes it easier to read blogs on my phone. It’s not full of ads and it makes reading super easy with all my little lists of blogs I’ve created it. If you struggle to read on your phone then give it a try!


I’m always on the hunt to try and use my phone and social media less. I’ve been using an app to do this – basically you pop in the time for which you want to stop using your phone and plant a tree! If you don’t touch your phone for that length of time then your tree grows and eventually is planted if you reach the end of the timer.

You can then see the Forest you’ve grown from not using your phone! You get coins for every tree too which lets you buy different types of tree for your forest and you can use your coins to plant actual trees. If you have a phone addiction (who doesn’t?!) then give it a little try! I’m even using it whilst writing this blog post so I don’t get distracted!

What have you been enjoying this month?

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