JC Travels: My Top 5 Cruise Travel Bucket List

June 1, 2017

I’ve done a whole lot of different forms of travel, from road trips throughout all of New Zealand, to long haul flights to cross country trains. However, the one form I’ve not tried but definitely want to, is the cruise. I know a few people who have a cruise or two on their bucket list, added because they are looking for a new type of adventure. Maybe it’s time for you to think about your bucket list especially if flying isn’t your thing. Now, as we know, flying is not my thing, so the ability to actually get to distant lands without actually having to board a plane is right up my street. And with my friend recently getting off one of the cruises from sydney and bragging about how good it was, there really wasn’t a better time for me to try it!

So I’ve been collaborating with Iglu Cruises to do some dreaming and found a fair few cruises which I’m so tempted to get booking for one of my next holidays! There are so many different options for cruises now that I’m sure there is something that will fit anyone – from couples to families. A lot of people like to go on cruises as they approach retirement age, although it can be an expensive outlay. I guess that’s what makes a lifetime mortgage so appealing. Now, onto some dreamy destinations….

1 Norwegian Fjords

This is totally inspired by the fact my parents are currently swanning around Norway and I’m suuuper jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Scandinavia, so being able to go on a cruise and actually see all of the beauty from the ocean would be ideal. They always compare the fjords in Norway to New Zealand so that obviously means that I need to go in order to compare right?

It does get pretty chilly but it looks gorgeous no matter what the temperature. I’d love to even expand this and get up to the Arctic Circle (before it all disappears!). Plus you can cruise straight from Southampton which is ideal for me!

2 Caribbean

I’ve been wanting to go to the Caribbean for ageeees. All the islands look ever so beautiful with their white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean. I feel like the Caribbean is the ultimate Cruise destination as not only do you get to lounge about on a gorgeous boat in the sunshine but there are just so many places for you to stop. I loved reading all of Chloes posts about her recent Caribbean trip!

3 Galapagos Islands

I did a load of biology at Uni along with studying evolution, this ended up fuelling my need to go and visit the Galapagos Islands! It is just a hotbed for all things development and it would be so interesting to go and see all the things which inspired Darwin on his voyage.

A load of the cruises there include scientists and lecturers on board which is everything I would need. This would work well with my need to see South America as well, it has been on my bucket list for way too long! I have seen the trip on the Ocean Spray catamaran with Voyagers which looks amazing! Maybe that will be the next trip I go on.

4 Greek Islands

I think every blogger is desperate to go to Greece, all the insta snaps are just too dream worthy. Greece has been on the bucket list for aaages, but I think the best way to see it would definitely be on a Cruise. When I see so many people visit such a variety of islands, I think a cruise would really let you see all the different Greek Islands. From Santorini to Mykonos, they all have me dreaming of them. Bring on a lovely, warm cruise!

5 Alaska

This has definitely been inspired by Rachel’s recent cruise to Alaska which looked spectacular! I’ve done a lot of the mainland states but Alaska has definitely been on the list for ages, it looks like such a beautiful state and one with extreme beauty. I’d love to grab the ship from mainland America and cruise up the gorgeous coast of Canada. Plus, this Cruise would finally let me tick hopefully tick my bucket list item of seeing a whale!

To be honest, I think I could just keep going with destinations I am desperate to visit. My wanderlust never seems to end so hopefully I’ll soon be able to add a cruise to my list very soon!

Where would you like to go on a Cruise to? Have you been on a cruise before?

*Post written in collaboration with Iglu Cruises, but all Wanderlust my own – as always!

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