JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #46

July 4, 2017

I’m writing this on a train! The joys of train wifi right? And well, exciting things are afoot… it’s coming to the end of life on the road and I can’t be happier, but more on that next time! The suns really been putting its hat on for us recently and it’s been so nice to have a bit of quiet time after the chaos that was May and early June (good chaos though, of course!). Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks:

1 Cornwall. More on this one in a separate blog post but last weekend, Charley, Leanne, AJ + I piled into the new car and got on the road to Cornwall. Cornwall is one of the places which I’ve been meaning to visit for so long and I had a blast! “Cute” was basically the main word which came out of my mouth all weekend as just everything there was so cute! We explored the beach, castles, coastal towns and managed to fit so much into a long weekend. I can’t wait to go back!

2 Blogging! I know that there hasn’t been too much on the blog but I’ve fiiiinally started on my blog relaunch which I’ve been dreaming about for way too long. It’s still a wee way off but I’m enjoying the process of really putting together the blog and brand that properly reflects me!

3 Whisky Tasting. I bought Paul a whisky tasting for his birthday about 2 years ago and he finally got around to booking us in! So one Friday we headed to Cadenheads near Soho and into a little underground tasting room. Whisky has definitely been growing on me in recent years so it was nice to try a whole heap of Scottish whiskys and really pick out the ones I enjoy the most!

4 Hitting the Sangria. An event that happens once every about 4 years, I actually went ‘out out’. It was kinda unintentional, on that boiling weekend, I met Katy in Tooting and we hit the Sangria and tapas. Because I mean, when it’s as hot as Spain, you may as well pretend you’re there! We then jumped on the tube up to Shoreditch to meet Erica and well let’s just say I wasn’t feeling too peachy the next day!!

5 New Scorpio print! I ordered this super cute print off Sarahs Chapter and I love it! I love the stars and although I don’t put much weight into starsigns, it’s always nice to have something personal right?

6 Imagine Dragons. I’m overly into their new album. And Lordes new album for that matter. I tend to listen to more podcasts than music, but when there’s music I enjoy, it’s pretty much permanently on repeat!

7 Embroidery. I’ve been meaning to pick up something crafty ever since I finished studying and decided to branch out this time and give embroidery a go! It’s different to cross stitch so who knows whether I’ll be any good at it but it’ll be nice to give something new a try.

8 Planning Geneva. We are off to Geneva in 2 weeks! It seems to have come around so quickly. I’m really excited to explore a new country, I then really need to get onto planning my next trip. If you have any suggestions for where is good to go in September then please drop me a comment.

9 Walking. I’ve dusted off the old fitbit lately and what with the sunshine, have been making a proper effort to try and do some more walking this month.

10 Blogs I’ve been enjoying lately:

What has made you happy lately?

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