JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #47

July 24, 2017

Oh… hey blog! It’s weird ’cause I’ve been working SO much on my blog over the last few weeks. But it’s all the behind the scenes stuff and prepping for the relaunch, I then suddenly realised I hadn’t actually posted on the blog itself… whoops. But hey, ample time for a good update as the last few weeks have been eventful!

1 I got a new job! I kind of mentioned this in some of my last posts but it’s official, I have a new job!! Woo! It’s a little thanks to templates like this for my new cover letter. Although I loved my old job, I was a Consultant which meant that I had to do a lot of UK travel and basically stay in a hotel for the majority of the working week.

And although this can be exciting for awhile, it does get old – so I’m basically doing the same job but for a company in London. I’m looking forward to all the small things, like being able to actually do things during the week and being able to do a proper grocery shop. I don’t think I’ve slept in the flat for a full week in over a year!!

2 We popped over to Switzerland! My dad was visiting Geneva for work, so we decided to have a little trip over to go and see him. I’ll have a few posts all about it in the coming weeks but overall it was totally amazing – such a beautiful country and one that you definitely need to visit.

3 Seeing the Alps. I haven’t really made it to the Alps before as I’m not much of a skiier. But we headed out for a day trip to Chamonix and Mount Blanc and it was beeeeeeautiful. Like seriously impressive, it was hard to even capture it in photos but it made me want to rent a chalet and spend a load of time there, please.

4 BBQ season! It’s definitely feeling like BBQ season at the moment and even though we can’t exactly fit one in the flat, I am overly excited about being able to make more BBQ inspired dishes with all my extra evenings at home. John Lewis have some excellent BBQ inspo recipes which I’m rather pumped to give a try soon!

5 Cheese Fondue. Could I go to Switzerland and not eat all of the cheese? I don’t think I’ve had proper cheese fondue before, and it is a revelation let me tell you! Just all of the delicious cheese, dipping continual carbs into it?! Yes! If you do happen to be in Geneva then highly recommend Cafe du Soleil for the best fondue in town.

6 New Camera. I’ve been blogging for yeeeears now and I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera for ages. When I saw another blogger selling a practically new Olympus Pen, I knew I had to jump! I don’t have all the lenses yet and I’m definitely not a pro at using it, but it’s exciting to try and improve my photography.

7 A wander down the Thames. It was recently Paul’s dads birthday so we all headed out on a little trip down the Thames! We got the boat from Windsor and sailed down to Bray and back. It’s an area I haven’t seen a whole lot of and it was nice to get to see it from a new perspective.

8 Lavender Fields. I’ve always loved lavender and have always wanted to go and visit the lavender fields down in the South of France (but hey, expensive…). Little did I realise, that we have some totally beautiful ones, basically down the road from me!

I popped to Mayfield lavender farm with Katy on Sunday, only 30 minute drive from South West London. We had a good wander around, counted all the bees (and all the fashion bloggers) and took a load of snaps of course. It only cost £1 to go in and I definitely plan on popping back (though go early, cause it does get busy!).

9 Donuts. I was feeling a little rubbish over the past couple of days – I blame actually having some time to relax! So what better thing is needed, than donuts?! We popped to Crosstown in Victoria and bought all of the flavours and they were all of the deliciousness.

10 Blog posts I’ve enjoyed lately:

I would say that I promise to be back soon, but who knows what with all of life happening at the moment! If it is a couple of weeks, then the relaunch will be on the horizon!

What’s made you happy in the last couple of weeks?

*Collaboration with John Lewis, all BBQ loving is my own.

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