JASMIN CHARLOTTE RELAUNCH! Why I decided to relaunch + things to consider if you do the same

August 31, 2017

Oh heeeey! It’s finally here, the day I’ve been working towards since FOREVER. I’ve been blogging here at Jasmin Charlotte for over 3 years and it was definitely time for an overhaul. Like with everything in life, you begin to outgrow certain aspects, and as I decided I wasn’t ready to give up blogging just yet, a relaunch was the perfect answer. Make sure you check out the new homepage as it has a proper swish slider (which I spent far too long to configure). So, what can you now expect from this cozy little spot on the internet?


The blog focus is changing eeeeeever so slightly… As some of you will remember, I used to blog quite a bit about the techy side of blogging and the internet. I’ve been missing this side and have decided to bring it back with a vengeance!

After loads of soul searching (mainly over G+Ts and too many Byron burgers), I decided I want to combine the two sides of my life. I’ve been working for a wee while as a Business Transformation Consultant (not as dull as it sounds, promise) and wanted to bring that and my love of blogging and independent digital businesses together! So, be prepared for a load more posts on blogging and running a small business.

My focus will still be on the techy side of life (which I promise can be exciting and easy) and providing proper, practical advice (all the P’s) of the things that I and other pals have found ACTUALLY useful. There’s a lot of practical advice that needs to be taken when starting up or running a small business, including plenty of stuff that you probably didn’t consider. For example, ensuring you’ve got good Houston business lawyers on your side for any legal cases you may find yourself facing is essential. Additionally, it’s also important to consider your target market for the business. How are you going to reach this audience and gain clients? Of course, you’ll have to be consistent on your website and your social media, but you could also consider getting some help from an SEO Auckland company, for example. SEO help can be crucial in ensuring your business is successful. Advice like that is what you’ll find from me. No sales guff, clickbait, or ridiculous promises here. I don’t have the energy, nor the inclination to put out bad advice (and I want none of that bad karma). So all authentic and realistic as possible!

All that said, the staples of the blog will still be here. I’m allllll about that work/life balance and that includes here on the blog too. I mean, maybe a few less travel posts (though you can find all that good stuff on my Insta) but life updates + happy things will never fade.

I mean, I still need somewhere to express my undying love to mini chocolate fingers and other joys right?! So there should hopefully be something for those of you who want some tips and ticks, aaaand for those who want to hear a bit more of my chatter and rambles.


Now…. onto my baby which has been driving the giant self doubt monster crazy over the past few months (soz for all the emo insta captions). As I mentioned earlier, I want to combine two passions in life and actually make some steps towards *the dream* which is to coach and work with small businesses and bloggers!

So! Announcement! I am launching some Coaching services. There are 3 packages and I won’t ramble too much about them here but the basics are that I work with you to improve and optimise your small biz / blog. I work with you to hit those key goals to help you feel proud of your little corner of the internet. As I’ve managed to grow mine quite well, I want to be able to help you guys as much as I possibly can. As this will now take up a decent amount of my time, I have considered hiring some virtual receptionists to help me deal with customer management and phone calls, or any other general questions you may have, so that I could spend more time dealing with other things surrounding the business – like this! Although, I will definitely be able to pop on the phone sometimes if needs be. Anyway, you can read all about the three services here and there is also a page on each:

I’ve had soo much fun trialling these with some amazing ladies over the past few months and you can read some of their testimonials on my ‘work with me‘ pages. Now, please if you have ANY questions or rambles about these services then pleeeeease send me an email and we can natter it through!


I know… I know… I am indeed yet to send out an actual newsletter. I blame the giant to do list and the undying need to watch far too much Netflix. But, never fear, the first one is drafted and ready to send out NEXT WEEK! The newsletter focuses on awesome tools, resources and things you should be reading about to help grow your blog + biz. Make sure you sign up in the sidebar or the footer!


There are a few things you should consider if a relaunch is on the cards…

1 Will your readers stick around?

If you are thinking of changing niche (like meeee) then the key thing is whether your readers will stick around. This is more important if you have a super niched blog (if you only ever write about restaurant reviews, changing to a fashion blog is probs gonna have a big impact). If this is the case then it may be worth starting a new blog rather than relaunching.

Honestly, in my case, I was at a ‘relaunch or quit’ kind of mindset so even though I really (really) hope you’ll stick around, it was really time for a relaunch.

2 How will your readers find you?

If you are renaming along with relaunching then you gotta put some thought into how your readers will find you (lest you get lost in the giant internet cavern). Check social handles and keep your old name in your bios for a wee while so you can still be searched for. Figure out your domain too – make sure everyone gets forwarded on and doesn’t end up on a dead page.

3 How will you get word out about the launch?

Having a proper relaunch plan is key as it’s so great to have people actually see all your hard work! Work your butt off to get the word out, consider doing a countdown on social and really focus on getting excited about it (I was far too excited about the blog, basically been Christmas in August).

4 What will you do post launch?

There is so much interesting work before relaunching your site, everything is new and shiny, like putting elaborate icing on a cake you’ve spent months baking. So it will of course change drastically afterward (basically post holiday blues right?), make a plan and a schedule for post launch to make sure you keep up all that awesome momentum.

Now, pals, it’s over to you! What do you think of the new relaunch? Have you ever through about relaunching yourself?

PS. Thank you time! I wouldn’t have managed this relaunch without the help of a heap of people, they include:

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