JC Chats: 10 Happy Things #48

August 16, 2017

Shall I apologise again for the lack of content and exciting posts on the blog?! Probs not, but let me tell you, the relaunch is soooo close. What with starting the new job and designing the new website, life has been pretty chaotic recently. My sister also jetted back off to the other side of the world which left me feeling rather blue (she got her wedding snaps and I totally love the one above) so time to focus on some happy bits as of late:

1 The new website! I’m sooo happy with how it’s looking. I’ve spent so long on this new site and I just really hope that people like it and that it’s a success. I’ve got a giant list of all the bits I want to finish before it launches, far too much of a perfectionist but I’m aiming for the end of the month so not too long. I’ve included a little snap which includes my new logo as a sneaky peek!

2 Summer garden parties! A couple of weeks ago I popped to Erica’s house for a little garden party hosted by the lovely Katy. The focus was all about deelish salads with Newmans Own, Katy totally pulled it out of the bag and her salads were so good. Honestly, go to her blog and make them all right now. Not only were the salads great, but the barbecue just made everything even better! You may think it’s too hot to be standing by a grill all day, but everyone loved it! There were a few occasions it got a little too warm but she had used a canopy rental Houston service to provide a little shade. It was great! It was mostly used to keep the food out of the sun and keep the drinks cool. Pretty nifty idea. The more food, the better I think. If you are considering getting a barbecue for your summer garden parties, doing research into places like Garden Site may be a good shout. Having something like this will just top off any party you hold in the summer. Additionally, I was able to sort out the garden this summer, considering we had tools like Hoselink sprinklers, keeping on top of the basics such as watering the plants and grass was made a lot easier than it had been before. We were also able to get in touch with a lawn care company similar to Lawncare.net to sort and shape the garden, getting some landscaping out of the way. With that done, we could hang out with a load of fabulous bloggers, and maybe a bit too much prosecco. My fave kind of Saturday. Again, please!

3 Exploring the Wharf. It’s a whole new experience actually working in London! The trains are down at the moment which is a right pain but I’m loving being able to explore Canary Wharf each lunch time. I get an hour for lunch and basically am still exploring. It’s also awesome to go from 1 work canteen to approx 7000 food options every lunch time.

4 London wine tasting. Bet you didn’t know there was a winery right in the heart of London? Well, there is! Right in the middle of town near Earl’s Court is LDN CRU. They import all their grapes but press and ferment it right in the middle of London. I reeeeally enjoyed trying their wines, they are all quite different and I’m very excited to try the bottle I’ve brought home. It’s only £20 for a tour and a good tasting, ideal for a mid week date night!

5 Manchester afternoon tea at Gotham. I headed up to Manchester for my sisters last week and we took to the town and went for afternoon tea at Hotel Gotham. It was super delicious and had some of the best sweets – I’m usually a savoury gal but their little trifle with meringue, I could probably eat a vat of. Totally recommend if you need an afternoon tea in Manc.

6 The search for face sunscreen. I feel as though I’m constantly on the search for a good sunblock. I wear 50+ SPF every day, but finding a good one is a right pain. Not only did I accidentally buy a zinc based one (hello a reflective face), I then bought one which was tinted (hello a orange face). But the lovely guys at Sunsense sent me their Daily face with invisible tint* and it’s so good. It’s super light, absorbs really fast and comes in a decent sized bottle for the price. It will firmly be in my skincare rounds!

7 Fancy blog photos. As part of doing the new blog, I wanted some fancy schmancy blog snaps done so did a shoot with the lovely Kaye at Fordtography. She was an awesome photographer, and made me feel actually relaxed in front of the camera. I was so happy with the outputs, highly recommend her if you need some gorgeee photos taking.

8 Mini chocolate fingers. This is actually such an important part of this list. So I’m really into tiny chocolates. Like the ‘fun size’ version of candy as in the afternoon I basically need sugar to survive but never want to eat a full chocolate bar. Usually I got for the teeney tiny twixes BUT I was wandering around Tesco and found MINI CHOCOLATE FINGERS. I love chocolate fingers more than most other biscuits, and it’s made my afternoons at work so so good.

9 Courage Dear Heart. The babein’ Rebecca has restarted her jewellery business – Zeal and Heart, and I am obsessed. I just bought a pendant and it is so pretty, I’ve not taken it off basically since I bought it. She has a heap of different quotes and I will need to add more to my collection. I stole the pic from her blog ’cause I’m useless at taking photos of little things.

10 Posts I’ve been enjoying this week:

Tell me, what’s made you happy lately?

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