JC Travels: Exploring Brighton, UK + ibis Big Beach Screen Event

August 28, 2017

It’s been far too long since I visited the English coast. Despite working near Southampton for awhile, I rarely made it down to the beach and it was time to put a remedy to that! So on one weekend not only did I get to Brighton, I also headed to Margate too. But more on that in another post! I last went to Brighton a couple a years ago and really enjoyed it, so I was very excited for another trip to explore the colourful town.

So on Friday afternoon, my bestie Sam and I, braved the joy of Southern rail and jumped on the train down to the seaside. It’s a really easy train journey and after driving all the other times I’ve been, I’d be tempted to get the train again. We were staying in the ibis right near Brighton train station so dumped the bags and headed to the sea front!

So what was the deal? Well, ibis have teamed up to present some Big Beach Screen Events, the idea being that it’s an outdoor cinema and there’s a few around Southern England – in Brighton, London, Croydon, Watford and Windsor. There’s a heap of films to choose from and you can either go and sit in the normal beach chairs, or upgrade into the ibis Sweetbed experience. This basically means you get to sit outside, in a giant Ibis bed and watch the film from there!

There’s food and drink there too – including a load of Orangina which I always enjoy. We decided to go to the screening of Bridget Jones’ Baby. It was awesome to pick up some drinks then cuddle down in the big ibis Sweetbed. The beds are in their own little VIP area too – which is covered so you are saved from any rain.

We really enjoyed the film – of course, England was being its typical self and the weather wasn’t great – the wind was blowing a right gale. So being able to snuggle with a blanket was essential.

Once we were thoroughly full of good food and had been a wee bit buffeted, we headed back to the ibis for a drink inside. The bar downstairs was actually great – good prosecco and we ended up chatting to Erica and Rebekah until the wee hours before heading upstairs for a good long sleep. I do enjoy an ibis – we stayed at the ibis in Geneva too, they have super comfy beds and are great value for being in the city.

In the morning, we tucked into some breakfast in the hotel before going for a proper wander. Of course, us being of the Instagram persuasion, this basically meant that we wandered around taking all of the snaps of the pretty cobbled streets, colourful houses and plentiful bunting.

We wandered down the Laines and popped into one of the little shops where we could do the old school photo booth photos! I have to say we weren’t that skilled at fitting 4 of us actually into the frame but they were so much fun and I loved the little output – so rare to have actual physical photos these days.

We kept awalking, heading to the pavilion to have a little meander around. As I was heading to Margate the next day we decided to head home just after lunchtime. And well, we timed it well as it then absolutely poured down! From previously lovely balmy weather… typical!

Overall, we had a fabulous day in Brighton, I definitely want to pop down more when the sun is shining as it’s so much closer than you think. I’m so keen to try out some more of the big screen events too – I don’t do enough outdoor cinema, so need to remedy that if the sun decides to keep showing its face!

Have you been to Brighton? What do you think of outdoor cinema?

*I was invited as a guest of ibis, but all beach and bed loving is my own!

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