10 handy Instagram tools to improve your Instagram game

September 29, 2017

Instagram tools hey? I feel as though for other social media like twitter and pinterest, basically everyone is obsessed with a variety of tools like kenji to help up your performance. Instagram? Not so much. We seem to maybe use an editing app and then just post it straight on the app. Well, I’ve been scouring the interwebs to find 10 handy instagram tools you can use to up your game in a myriad of ways. Hopefully, this article will give you some instagram bio ideas, give your instagram a bigger pop of color or help you make some more money! I do think that investing time into your Insta will end up benefiting your online presence A LOT! I know there are a few places that allow me to Buy Custom, Random or Automatic Instagram Comments from $2.99, but it’s fun to get feedback on my posts.

Scheduling Instagram Tools:


Now, Mosaico is a £5 but it is definitely worth it to get one of the best planning apps out there. Basically you see a version of your feed and can upload photos directly into the app to see how they look with your other photos. You can pull down the screen too and see it in ‘ghost’ mode where you can see what the feed looks like if you remove your photos.

Not only handy planning, I also find it the best app for managing my hashtags. You can put hashtag clouds together but also see a big list of all the hashtags you’ve been using lately and select the ones – meaning a custom list for each photo. If you’re going to invest in an app to up your instagram game then this is the one.


If you don’t want to invest in an app but still want to plan your feed than Unum is a good option. I use it for my 2nd instagram account (when I use it!). It works in a similar fashion to Mosaico but I find the interface a little clunky to use. You can easily add photos and see which ones have already been posted (with the little insta square) and which are waiting in your queue.

Even if you don’t want to fully ‘plan’ your feed and keep some of your insta actually ‘instant’ then one of these apps is useful to make sure the snap fits in with the rest of your photos before you post it. I mean, I don’t follow a ‘theme’ on my feed but it’s always nice to make sure the snaps kiiiiiinda look good together first.

Photo Editing Instagram Tools:

There are sooo many editing apps on the good old smart phone, but here are a couple which I’ve been enjoying over the last couple of months.


Snapseed is really good for solid editing. It’s not one if you want a filter but if you need a fabulous edit, then this is your babe. Not only are the basic edits like brightness / contrast super easy to use but the brush tool IS THE BEST THING EVER. It basically allows you to edit only certain bits of a photo. Have a little bit of your photo which is dark? Use the exposure brush to bring it up without making the rest of your snap over exposed. Have a focus piece which you want to pop? Use the saturation brush to bring out the colour in just that one piece

The heal tool is also aaaaamazing, basically it lets you erase bits of your photo. Ever wonder how people get rid of a street sign or an ugly bit of paint? Well they are healing it out on snapseed. The app can take a little while to get your head around but once you do it is SO worth it.

A Colour Story

I pair a babein’ editing tool with the one with all the filters. Seriously, don’t bother editing on this app – use snapseed. But when you need a filter to really give your feed some cohesion then this A Colour Story is the one you need. It has a heap that are default but also some additional packs you can buy. I love the seasonal pack – there are just enough filters in it that you can really find your fave without being overwhelmed by 8790x filters (cough VSCO cough).

You can edit videos in here too – ideal for making a boomerang just that bit prettier!

Hype Type

I mentioned this on my post about Insta stories, but this is a handy editing app to add animated text. You basically type the text you like and then play around to get a format you like. You download the little video and then upload to your Insta story – simples!

Hashtag Instagram tools:


Sometimes finding hashtags can be sooo difficult. Hashtagger is a handy little app where you can search for a specific hashtag and it shows you various hashtags which are similar to it. The % refers to how many photos show the hashtag and the associated one – so for #lbloggers 29% of photos also use the hashtag #bbloggers. It can be a handy tool to find related hashtags which don’t always appear when you’re searching through instagram itself.


Another handy app for hashtags. It has heeeeeaps of hashtag clouds with related tags – especially by location which is really useful. If you need some easy inspiration for hashtags then this is a good one to try. It also lets you save your hashtag clouds and copy them directly into your instagram captions which always saves time. If you don’t want to use a scheduling app like mosaico then this is a good option to organise those hashtags.

Other Instagram Tools:


You may have seen this on some peoples feeds – Soldsie is basically is a software to help your instagram feed become more shoppable. It is ideal if you sell products through your instagram or have a shop. It uses the link in your bio to basically take the viewer to a page where they can see your instagram pics and shop the items in them directly. It’s a nice way if you have a good following to make sales as the viewer can see the snap you’re putting on Insta and then purchase that item directly – no having to shop about, perfect for those impulse buys!

Like to know it

You may have seen the little like to know it links in the bio of some instagrammers, but it took me aaaaages to figure out what it is and how to actually use it. Well! It basically works to allow you to directly shop the outfits which people wear in Instagram shots. You can either type in the direct link and it will show you the instagram pic with the pieces underneath.

The other handy thing is that you can screenshot your fave pics and then use the app which will hunt down the pieces for you. If you’re looking to monetise your instagram but you’re more of a blogger than selling specific products then this is a great option for you to try!


I had to put one in that was just plain useful. You never know what’s going to happen to Insta in future or if you’re account will randomly be banned or even stolen. Please back up your content as I can guarantee if you don’t, one day you will lose those photos and be very sad about it! There are a few back up services out there but InstaPort seems a good one of the bunch.

Finally, just as a little side note, what is one thing that almost all Instagram users want? Yep, more followers. It is craved by so many and yet often very difficult to achieve. Well, not anymore. There is a whole host of growth services that can help you to get more followers. Social Buddy, Kicksta, nitreo… the list goes on. Before you choose one, I suggest taking a look at the followergrowth review about nitreo. It’s also probably worth finding reviews of any others that catch your eye so that you can compare.

So there we have it, a huge bunch of different instagram tools which can help you up your game in various ways. Insta will always be an enigma but at least these can help it be a little more enjoyable! I’ve very much enjoying my Insta series on the blog, keep your eyes peeled for my final post coming soon all about the pesky instagram ‘like’.

What are your fave tools to use with Instagram?

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10 Instagram tools to improve your Insta game

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