10 Happy Things #49

September 6, 2017

It’s so nice to be able to craft one of these without having to excuse myself for no posts or just talk about how the relaunch is coming, CAUSE IT’S HERE!! Yaaayyy! I finally relaunched the blog last week and couldn’t be happier, not only with how it looks (pretty snazzy if I can say myself) but also with how supportive everyone was. It was almost my best traffic day ever – with more than 4x on a normal day. Thank you so much if you took the time to leave me a comment on the blog, tweet me, leave me an instagram comment or email me. It was SO appreciated.

Now, onto some other things which happened in the past couple weeks…

1 The new blog launch. Can I say anymore? I’m so excited for the next chapter of Jasmin Charlotte!

2 A weekend by the seaside. I’ve already written about my awesome trip to Brighton, but I also headed to Margate for the awesome In Colourful Company meet up. I had never been to that bit of England and it was nice to explore somewhere new. We went to Dreamland which was ever so bright and colourful – and we so lucked out with totally glorious weather. If you need a new seaside town to explore then I highly recommend a trip down.

3 Holidays booked. Not only have a booked 1 week in Portugal down in the Algarve for the beginning of October, but I’m also heading to Croatia in a couple of weeks with Erica. I’m so ready for some sunshine and some proper relaxing time too. I’ve been a bit blue over the past few weeks so I’m really looking forward to some proper recharge time soon.

4 Cooking. I’ve been doing some proper cooking lately which is frankly, much needed! After years on the road I’ve started buying groceries and actually putting stuff in the freezer. I made haloumi flat breads last week with tzatziki and roasted red peppers and it was SO good that we had to have it two days in a row.

5 Farm Drop. So I’ll never be a full vegetarian, I do enjoy eating meat, but that said, I definitely would like to eat less meat and more sustainable meat. I hate the idea of these mass production farms supplying huge amounts to the supermarkets. So I decided to start buying more sustainable and organic meat that support more local farms in the UK. I’ve been doing a lot more research into the benefits of sustainable living and I’ve even found some planet friendly gifts to prepare for Christmas! We need to be doing much more to save the planet and shopping sustainably is a great way to get started.

When I was doing some research I came across Farm Drop – they basically want to break the supermarket mold and deliver farm fresh, sustainable ingredients to your home. And it’s not even that much more expensive than the supermarket. BTW so not sponsored at all, I just think they provide such a fantastic service! I’ve stocked up the freezer and have been so impressed by the service. Unfortunately, my freezer has started making some funny sounds. Apparently, that’s normal because I haven’t been using it so often until now, so no enquiries to a repair service like https:www.BallwinApplianceRepair.com just yet. I just hope they’re right and that squeaky sound goes away soon.

6 Feeling Autumnal. It’s meteorlogical Autumn! Yaaay! I definitely prefer this type of weather when in London – blue skies, a little chilly but the sun still shows its face for a good few hours a day. It’s definitely been feeling a bit of a nip in the air in the mornings. I pulled out my coat which I got late last year from Blacks* and it’s just as good as I remembered – so warm but also so light weight that I can wear it on my walk to work then pop it in my handbag when the day finally warms up.

7 Exploring Whitehall. I’ve not explored a huge amount around Whitehall so on the bank holiday Monday we went to the The Lost Palaces tour and had a really good wander around. The tour itself was great – a really different way of seeing what Whitehall used to be like 100s of years ago.

8 Scandal. So I was going to try and get back into Game of Thrones, so I downloaded nowTV and subscribed. Of course, I then realised there was only 1 season on there… So I decided to give Scandal a go and now it’s a full on addiction. It’s super interesting but is so nice to sit in the background whilst I’m blogging (like right now!).

9 Bangarang. They should basically be on every one of my posts but I’m so happy I have such a great bunch of amazing women who support me unconditionally!

10 Posts I’ve been enjoying lately:

What has made you happy in the past few weeks?

*The babes at Blacks sent me my coat, but all loving words and opinions are my own.

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