10 Happy Things #50

September 24, 2017

Note to future Jasmin – don’t buy train wifi ’cause it doesn’t work and it will be £5 worth of annoyance. If you can’t guess, I’m currently on the train winging my way up to Manchester. I usually spend my train time staring out the window and listening to podcasts but as I’m off on hols (yesssss) and want to be properly up to date before I go, I’m using my train staring time to get my blog on. Anyway, enough about trains and more about happy happy things.

1 I went to Croatia with Erica! For once my Insta feed is the stuff of proper dreams, cause we went to Croatia! You’ll remember my trip last year where I fell in love with Croatia and it was sooo nice to go back. We enjoyed some sunshine, survived a giant rainstorm, basically only ate seafood pasta, drank too much wine and just had a fab time. There will be a full post on it soon!

2 The lounge. Let me tell you, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in an airport lounge. We popped into the No1 lounge on our way to Croatia and it was so good. I ate cheese, I drank wine and well, WE ALMOST MISSED THE PLANE. I’m not even joking. Anyone who really knows me knows how crazy this is, 97% of the time I’m the one on the plane first after those damn speedy boarders. But no, the gate was literally closed as we ran prosecco filled to beg to get on. Luckily as you see by point 1, we were allowed on the plane.

3 You can now bake a cake in a box. You see, for some unknown reason, we don’t have a microwave. It’s REALLY annoying but I equally can’t be bothered to buy one or spend money on a microwave. Anyway, this means that the joy that is mug cakes DOES NOT EXIST for me. But Dr Oetker kiiiindly sent me some of their new cake in a box. You literally open the box, add some milk, stir it, shove it in the oven aaaaaand then delicious cake! It’s been fabulous and I’ve probs eaten too much cake over the past few couple weeks.

4 Mussels. I’ve had a new found love affair for mussels. I used to hate mussels. Now I will eat them ALL the time. I met up with Leanne and we went to Belgo where I ate about 3 kgs of delicious mussels and I am basically counting down until I can go back and eat them all again.

5 Bake Off. I am obsessed. It’s not the same as BBC but it makes my week so much cosier and now I have cake from a box it makes my bake off experience even more exciting. I’ve been loving Amandas bake off bake along too – people are so skilled, baking just isn’t my skill.

6 Booking stuff. I’ve been booking some good stuff lately, I’m off on a all day skirt making course, in the attempt to make myself more handy in case of the zombie apocolypse. We are also going to The Ginger Line soon aaaand we’ve booked some delish dinners to tick of some London restaurants I’ve been wanting to go to for ages.

7 Manchester time. I always enjoy time up in Manchester and as my sister has left the UK now, I’ve been trying to go up more to hang with the grandparents. My trips are always super chilled, lots of time spent relaxing and eating all of the food.

8 The blog. I’ve reeeeeally been enjoying blogging lately! Although I’m not as on top of my schedule as I’d like, I’ve still stuck to my twice a week plan for a little while now. It’s nice to have a purpose and direction with it again. Plus I’ve been handwriting some posts on my lunch break which has been nice too, as I find it helps me get my thoughts out in a more organised manner for once!

9 Blog comments. Alongside enjoying writing the blog, I’ve been really enjoying reading a whole heap of blogs lately! I’ve been leaving a lot more comments and discovering a load more blogs to add to my reading list. Definitely helps with the blogging inspiration!

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