10 Podcasts to get you motivated for your blog + biz

September 17, 2017

You know, I love a podcast, I think that’s been pretty obvious due to all the podcast posts on here over the years. If you fancy some crime podcast recommendations then I have for sure got you covered.

But now, as podcasts become more mainstream, it’s awesome that more podcasts are being released every week. And that means that there has been quite the rise in podcasts covering blogging and running a small biz (probs because of the joy of Start Up, a fabulous Gimlet listen). People are even taking to using the medium for marketing, looking up podcast hosting services to spread the word. As for me? I always love plugging myself in and having a good listen at lunch or off on a walk.

Since starting the coaching biz, I’ve been trying to basically live and breathe all things blog and small biz, so I’ve collected *quite* the list of awesome blogging and small biz resources which really help light the motivation and give a fresh perspective on the world of the internet. There are countless lifestyle blogs like Clever Leverage who offer advice to other blogs and businesses and there’s also a lot of up and coming podcasts that are great to listen to and that’s what I’m going to be focussing on today.

1 Hashtag Authentic

The Hashtag Authentic podcast run by Sara of Me + Orla insta fame is fabulous. The early episodes all focus on Instagram which are great if you need a boost over there (as we all do with this stupid algorithm). Later episodes involve more guests and they expand to topics all over social media and blogging. I think Sara is really real – it doesn’t feel like she’s feeding you any sales gumpf. Plus she has such a calming voice and is so pleasant to listen to! ~
Fave episode: Working as a pro instagrammer with Hannah Argyle

2 The Fempretreneur Show

Quite the tongue twister that word! The Fempretreneur Show podcast is described as being focussed around online course creation but it’s definitely useful even if that isn’t your thing. The gals on this podcast have suuuuch good ideas and often when I listen I hear ideas which I rarely hear elsewhere – which can be rather impressive these days with all of the content out there.
Fave episode: 4 List building strategies that work

3 What She Said

This is a new podcast from Lucy and definitely worth a listen – What she said basically has all of my fave bloggers on it so which has been awesome to put a voice to a blog! She covers a range of topics around the blogosphere and it’s really nice to hear from smaller bloggers and their experiences.
Fave episode: How to successfully blog part time with Sophie Cliff

4 Made Online

Made Online podcast created by London Beauty Queen which discusses a huge range of topics in the blog world. I feel like Hayley tackles some topics which aren’t covered as often – around diversity and mental health. Her interviews with some ‘big’ bloggers are really insightful and helped me see something new in them. One to listen to if you’re looking for inspirational goals and stories from others who are killing it in the blogging world.
Fave episode: Episode 9 – Hannah Gale

5 Soulful PR Podcast with Janet Murray

The world of PR is so different to digital marketing and the blogosphere but is somthing so important to understand to really hit a more ‘traditional’ marketing channel. I’ve learnt SO much about the world of PR and press releases from the Soulful PR podcast and wholeheartedly recommend it to get inspiration from a different sphere. Janet focuses on a range of small businesses, not just blogging.
Fave episode: [169] Why your business needs great headshot photography (and how to get it) with Laura Pearman

6 The One Girl Band Podcast

The One Girl Band podcast by Lola Hoad is a new one to my listening rota and one I’ve been really enjoying! She gives loads of tips and advice for the creative. The great thing about Lolas podcast is that they are all 10-20 minutes long. I do love a long meaty podcast but it’s sometimes nice to have a listen which fills in those short time blocks we all have. And even though they are short, they are full of great advice and I always come away feeling super motivated!
Fave episode: Episode 1 – Why you aren’t putting yourself out there

7 She Means Business with Carrie Green

Carrie hosts the She Means Business podcast which focuses on female entrepreneurs who are killing it! Each week she interviews someone from the online world who generally all have a 6 figure plus business. This definitely focuses on the big hitters but not necessarily the ones we have all heard of. The guests are all really inspiring and show you how you can often have many things working against you but still hit the goals you’ve been dreaming of. No stone is left unturned, with guests discussing workplace-related topics such as running a Payroll, and the importance of a skilled HR department to name but two.
Fave episode: How to pivot in your business and have an audience which grows with your brand with Tara Gentile

8 Being Boss – mindset, habits, tactics and lifestyle for creative entrepreneurs

Now, time for a few American podcasts! It’s odd but especially in the podcast / small biz space, I definitely feel as though their is a cultural difference when it comes to US / UK. There is definitely a different vibe and I love that – seeing a new pespective to the same space can be SO interesting.

Starting with Being Boss which really focuses on a huge range of businesses and how they grow. I love that it focuses on small creative people and it’s so interesting to hear more about different industries. Each episode interviews a new guest and hearing such a wide range of people is sooo interesting.
Fave episode: Committing to you passion project with Kendra Aronson #129

9 The Influencer Podcast

The Influencer Podcast is such an interesting podcast as it does focus on many of the same themes as the others – but it has a lot of American guests who often work at large companies we all know, such as Popsugar, Baublebar and shopstyle. It’s interesting as they often have opinions from both the brand / corp side and from the small biz side. Interesting if you want to hear more about American Influencer Culture.
Fave episode: 011: How to market yourself for free and defining the micro influencer with popsugars Kirby Johnson

10 Goal Digger

Last but not least! Goal digger hosted by Jenna Kutcher is a podcast which has been around for awhile and consistently provides really useful advice and motivation. She talks on a range of topics and often topics not talked about too often – such as the hard and really tough sides of blogging and running your own biz. I think it can be easy to focus on loads of the cool, sexy growth topics but actually talking about the gritty reality is really enlightening!
Fave episode: 072: Navigating the tough seasons of an entrepreneur

Phew, there really is something for everyone in this list. If you need some motivation, blogging tips, advice on basically anything in the online world then I can guarantee there is a podcast out there for you! But where do you find the motivation to start your own podcast? Look no further than Lower Street; this company helps you develop, produce and distribute podcasts to bring in new followers as well as engage with your old ones. What are you waiting for?

Do you listen to biz / blogging podcasts? Which is your fave?

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