Behind the coaching biz: Month 1

September 13, 2017

Oh hey – welcome to a new little blog series! Since launching my coaching biz earlier in August, I really wanted to blog alongside about how I’m finding this new little venture. I wanted to split these out from my Happy Things posts so that they stay the lifestyle bit of the blog as they are. So here we go, we are a few weeks in, almost one month and it’s been a rather exciting journey!

I think putting myself out there has been one of the scariest things I’ve done – it’s been something I’ve dreamed about doing for a long time. But dreaming about something and doing something are totally different things. I think when it’s inside your head, you don’t know how other people are going to react so the whole spectrum is available. When you actually release it, then you have to really see the outcome – basically terrifying! So, let’s recap on the past few weeks:

Highlights of Month One:

1 Having an awesome new blog launch. Launching the new blog and website design was epic! Not only did I almost hit my most views in one day record, but I got so many lovely comments on instagram and twitter. In the process of re-launching my business, I have understood quite a few important things regarding website design and branding business. Firstly, I did a lot of research into website design and considered finding website design companies, similar to Plenty of Pixels – Web Design Company in Seattle, to help attract as many people to my website as possible. Basically, branding and design impacts every facet of a business and a well-designed website could be the key to making a good impression on prospective customers. It could also help nurture leads and get more conversions. As such, websites developed using the help of experienced service providers like Timmermann Group, STL, could immensely improve user experience and engagement. Additionally, taking the help of experts could improve your brand identity, thus taking you closer to success.

I’m also thinking to have another site redesign sometime soon using other reputable design agencies such as Cefar, or a similar agency to see what traffic increases I can see using a new site layout. Thank you to all the babes who shared my tweets or left me a nice comment!

2 I got some coaching clients!! Woo! I think the fear of any launch is that no one will like or go for the services you’re proposing, but I am SO happy that I’ve had a good few people get in touch.

3 Completing coaching packs. So not only has getting clients been awesome, but then actually completing the coaching has been great too. I reeeeeally enjoy working with bloggers and small biz owners and my time spent typing and chatting and creating has been some of the best time ever this month.

Challenges of Month One:

1 Unexpected pressure. I put a loooot of pressure on myself to be a success. And despite the multitude of times I told myself that even if I didn’t get one client that I would be proud of myself, I definitely did not stick to that and my emotions went in rollercoasters over the first week of whether I should be happy with what I had done or whether I launched at the wrong time, whether the whole idea was the wrong thing to do. I’m feeling much more stable with it all now but I know my perfectionist streak will continue!

2 Juggling the blog and the biz. I think the hardest thing now is juggling the promotion of the blog and the promotion / work on the biz. Obviously they are really linked but if I’m busy with clients then I definitely think blog work may fall to the side. I’m trying to plan for this and bulk write blog posts in one weekend day which so far so good!

3 Spending offline time. What with a computer based job and a computer based hobby / side biz. Actually getting offline is getting further and farther between! I am determined to have a balance though and after this blog post I’m planning a Sunday evening full of watching Strike, cooking haloumi and finishing my embroidery.

What I’m going to focus on next month:

1 Getting more clients! I think the thing with coaching is that it travels by word of mouth more than anything. The more happy clients I can get, the better. So I will keep focussing on trying to grow my clients (as this will probably be the goal every month!). If you are interested in getting some help with your blog / small biz then do check out my packages! Or if you’re looking to get into coaching yourself then have a look online for coach training as it can be a great place to start if you’ve never done it before.

2 Pinterest. I love Pinterest and a large amount of traffic comes to the blog from it. However, a large amount of that traffic goes to my travel posts. Which of course, is awesome. But I’d also like a heap of the traffic to go to my more techy / bloggy posts. So I’m back on the Pinterest wagon and trying out a load of stuff to get my posts seen on there. Hopefully this will result in more page views but also in lots of handy posts about Pinterest coming soon!

3 The Newsletter. As some of you who have awesomely signed up to the newsletter will know, I’ve yet to send any out!! It will be coming soon, I promise. I think I keep psyching myself out as I want to make it suuuuper useful. But I know I just need to get onto it and send one out. Be sure to subscribe using the form below / on the side!

So there we have it, a round up of the first month! Is there anything you’d be interested in hearing about in these roundups?

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