Why you should only focus on 2 social media channels at any one time

September 10, 2017

Um, does anyone have any time anymore?! I don’t think I’ve actually felt *boredom* in yeeeeears. There is always something on the to do list and always something more to be done. And this is especially true if you run a blog or biz, I feel as though there is ALWAYS something I should be investigating, researching and building on.

But, shock horror here, I cannot do it, you cannot do it. You cannot do it all. You are but one person in a very large internet pond and if like me, you work a full time job, then I’m not even one person, I’m like one tenth of person which actually has time.

So, here comes the answer. There are a heap of blogs out there on prioritising your workload and how to time box yourself. But there’s only so much you can do. The real answer is that you need to prioritise 2 social media channels and work bloody hard on them. Some businesses already do this, using companies similar to SidesMedia to build and expand their social media platforms so they can get their brand out to potential customers.

Why you should focus on 2 social channels

And to be honest, you may naturally do this, I know I naturally spend more time on Twitter and Instagram which means that they do grow and improve compared to my other social channels. Every morning, I go on these platforms first to check for any updates or to just post content of my own. Out of all the social media platforms, I signed up to Twitter first, so it makes sense for me to be more engaged with it more than anything else. I know I am doing well when it comes to growing my following and posting content regularly on Twitter, but I also have it in the back of my mind that if followers start to drop due to me not being committed enough on this platform, in particular, I could always check out a site like https://tweeteev.com to help get more followers. It’s a win-win situation, but for now, I prefer to take my time to focus on two platforms at a time, which for me are Twitter and Instagram.

But even though you may be doing this accidentally, it needs to be done purposefully. You might be more focused on Facebook and youtube, enjoying the use of services similar to what can be discovered in this Subpals review. This way you can focus your budget on getting more traffic to those channels. Otherwise, you’ll just end up having all the angst and guilt about those channels which you’re kind of ignoring and your budget will be spread so thinly that you won’t achieve much at all. I’m so guilty of doing a half arsed scheduled tweet every now and again and then never really checking to see whether it did anything.

In reality, with busy schedules, attempting to have an actual life and producing proper blog content – 2 social channels makes sense. It’s small enough that you can have real time to actually focus on those channels and bring value to them. But it’s varied enough so that you don’t just get bored or complacent – it’s always nice to mix up the kind of content you are creating.

Quality over Quantity

At the end of the day, it comes down to quality over quantity. By cutting down to two, I can make those two strong and clear channels. I can so tell when people do this, if you look at a typical bloggers social media, there will generally be one channel which has done better – because this is where quality time has been spent. For me, it’s twitter – I have double the followers there than any other channel, but only because in the early years of blogging it was my main focus.

That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t use other types of social media to help promote your blog, I just think that sometimes, you can put your heart and soul into one channel and one channel alone. At least this way, you can make it as good as it can be. Some people that I know like to use unconventional ways to promote their blog and to help them attract younger, wider audiences. For example, they said that they use TikTok to create funny videos like lip-syncs to entertain people, and depending on what your blog topic is, there is sure to be a video in every area. Although, I think she said that she decided to check out places like Jon’s blog to see how she could buy more followers to help her get up and running. I don’t see much of a problem with this, especially if it helps her blog. But for me, Twitter is the platform I use due to the fact that I had a large following already.

I then moved over to Instagram and it finally started growing when I started putting proper time into it. Pinterest, same story – I spent 3 months working hard and it’s generated traffic for years since. It’s impossible to spend time crafting funny tweets, scheduling good promo tweets, engaging in convos, crafting instagram posts, editing and curating your feed, engaging with other insta users, sharing things to facebook, creating pinterest images, pinning all the pins you can find… and the list goes on.

Find the 2 channels which you want to grow and make those your key focus – put time, energy and effort into making these successful.

It can just be for a set time period

Now, I’m not saying that you need to pick those channels and just use them forever. It’s just a case of time – I generally try and fit in with my quarterly plans. So for those 4 months, I’ll work on 2 set channels, then after 4 months I’ll look at how they are performing and decide whether to persevere or switch it up!

Find a time period that works for you – it might be a month or 4 months. Track how you get on and then figure out your game plan from there.

So what 2 social channels should you focus on?

So all well and good saying focus on 2 but, what should you focus on?! I think there are two things to consider – what your end goal is, and what you enjoy. Of course, you shouldn’t spend far too much time on something if you don’t enjoy using. If you are thinking from a goals point of view then each social media offers something different –

  • If you want more traffic / are selling a product or service – Pinterest
  • If you want to work with more brands / have a very visual product (e.g. photographer, illustrator) – Instagram
  • If you want to grow a community / you have a service which isn’t visual (e.g. coaching) – Twitter
  • If you have a service which targets people who aren’t on other channels / you have a marketing budget for traffic – Facebook
  • If you want more views and are in a specific niche – stumbleupon / forums (e.g. reddit)
  • If you have a more magazine curated focus / current events – Flipboard

Have a read of the above and pick two to focus on in the next time period. I like to choose two which are pretty different – so I can work on crafting both words and images for the blog and not getting stuck in one medium.

What if you do want it all?!

So if you do want all the social channels – you can give it a try but I’d encourage you to track your success when trying to do them all and track them when you’re only focussing on a couple. Then compare the two and see which has actually been more effective. Probs (hopefully) a more focussed approach. If you have more time on your hands then you probably have more chance to do a good job across more channels – or you know, you can always look into a virtual assistant or someone who freelances in social media to help you out!

So far this year I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Instagram – but next time period is going to be the joy of Pinterest and (finally) dipping my toes into the big, bad world, of Facebook.

How many channels do you focus on? What are you keen on at the moment? What do you think are the key ones to focus on?

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